The city of Mussoorie is full of natural wonders. If you are planning a trip to this city, make sure you don’t miss out on the breath-taking beauty of the waterfalls of this hill city. Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, this place has many waterfalls which one must explore when in Mussoorie. 

You can always look out for the best hotels in Mussoorie for your trip. Once you are done with all the formalities, get ready to become speechless because of the ravishing natural beauty of these waterfalls. Keep reading. 

  • Kempty Falls: Located on the Mussoorie-Dehradun highway, this Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls of this place. Check out how the water runs down into five parts. It is almost 1364 meter above the sea level and this great height causes the splintering of the water into so many parts which in turn create a savor for the eyes of the nature lovers.  Many prefer to bathe in the cold and fresh waters of this falls. Don’t forget to click pictures of this beautiful place. Also, listen to the beautiful sound of the water running down the hills at Kempty Falls. 
  • Bhatta Falls: This Waterfalls is located just 7km away from the heart of the city. The quaint, small waterfall with the abundant greenery around it will surely attract you and make you feel good, that’s for sure. Many prefer to go for picnics here. This place is perfect for a day’s outing if you want to enjoy some alone time away from the humdrums of the city life. Do not miss out this place. 
  • Jharipani Falls: This particular Waterfallsis famous amongst the trekkers because of the postcard alike scenic beauty around this place. If you are a nature lover and are here to experience the most soothing beauty and presence of Mother Nature, then Jharapani Falls is the perfect place for you. Check out the astounding beauty of this place. If you want, you can always opt for bathing in the cool, fresh water of this beautiful Falls. Do check out this place and believe us, you will be coming back to this place time and again, that’s guaranteed. 
  • Mossy Falls: A perfect place for the avid nature lovers, the mesmerizing beauty of the Mossy Falls will astound you to such level that you will surely find yourself to be speechless! Located in the midst of a dense forest, this place has its own charm which ought not to be missed by any means! Do check this place out and don’t forget to listen to the subtle sounds of the nature around this place. This place is just 7km away from the heart of the city. 

The charm of the hill station of Mussoorie is never ending. So, in order to make the most out of your trip to this fascinating city, make sure to look for all kinds of accommodations including cheap hotels in Mussoorie for your trip. All the best!