Layout of the automotive sensor at the time, the industry glowing new, huge market opportunities. Decades of the global automotive industry to create a brilliant automotive sensor this big market, but the traditional market is very solid, a small number of European Sensor and American giant monopoly market. After the financial crisis, the global automotive industry to accelerate the embrace of new technologies and new technology era, environmental protection, safety and comfort is the automotive industry three major development direction, the global automotive industry has been hit, after the recovery of the global automotive industry began to transform into the accelerated hugging new technology And the era of new technology. The performance of new models for the introduction of faster and faster, the adoption of new technologies more widely, the number of related areas of automotive patents rising. New energy vehicles, automatic driving and car networking came into being, getting better. New products and technology on the car sensor has a new high demand, the more prominent, bring huge market opportunities. Therefore, we are very optimistic about the future of automotive sensors, although Chinese companies and Europe and the United States is still a big gap between giants.

  Sensors occupy a pivotal position in the car, the market is huge, but the giant monopoly, the industry chain system is quite stable. For decades, the global automotive industry has created a huge market for automobile sensors. The three areas of the environment, safety and entertainment of the automobile industry have spawned new energy vehicles, automatic driving and car networking, and brought Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the automotive sensor industry into a new stage. New energy vehicles (electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles) increased the temperature, gas, pressure, electronic control and other sensors needs; automatic driving to stimulate the body sensor type sensor (MEMS pressure, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.) and environmental perception Sensors (camera, millimeter-wave radar, laser radar, etc.) needs; the trend of the Internet of things the first outbreak of the sub-domain will be car networking, and car network of various types of automotive sensors also have a strong just need.

  China's auto sensor industry to catch up, take shape, is bound to occupy a place. With the increase in sales of Chinese cars, the application of sensors will grow rapidly. Miniaturization, versatility, integrated and intelligent sensors will gradually replace the traditional sensor, become the mainstream of automotive sensors. Automotive electronics and car networking to stimulate automotive sensor requirements. Automotive sensor as a vehicle electronic control system of information sources, automotive electronic control system is a key component. With the development of automotive electronics technology, the current application of sensors in the car has been quite extensive, mainly for automotive transmission systems, body systems, chassis systems and security devices and so on. Although in the field of automotive sensors, Chinese enterprises and Europe Temperature Sensor and the United States is still a big gap between giants, but in the emerging automotive sensor protagonist - MEMS sensor, the Chinese enterprises catch up, with strong support in the policy and capital, China has formed A complete MEMS industry chain, China's auto sensor business in the future will be a huge market place.