he car is not one of the most common problems, and we are used to twisting the keys again. Even, many times the twist key, damage the battery, burn the starter. When the engine starts, when the car starts to run poorly, continuous start several times, the car starts Sensor to need enough voltage, because the car starts the process need to consume a lot of energy, if the car started poor, or continuous, frequent start The engine will increase the battery power consumption, and even cause loss of power, and can not start.

  The starter is a machine that works instantaneously, and the starter does not work in normal driving. If you let the starter work for a long time, will cause the engine to overheat, or even burn. Twist the key to the fire, not to the fuel time, how can start? The car to reach the working state, the pump to be a few seconds in advance pressure, this time if just inserted into the key immediately on the ignition, there will be a failure of the situation. Insert the key, and turn the key to the 'on' position, and then stop waiting Temperature Sensor for five or six seconds, so that the pump pressure, and then turn the key to the 'start' position, and so the engine after the success of the release, the key will return to ' On '. And some owners of the ignition, the key does not return to their own 'on' position, or the ignition switch back off the spring.

  Parking is difficult to start a lot of battery problems! When the ignition did not start a time, to wait for a while again to ignite, avoid continuous ignition, so as not to run out of battery power. When the battery power is low, the speed of the car when the speed is weak, only to hear Kaka sound, and then hit the fire when the Kaka sound will gradually become bared bared sound. Electronic components such as water temperature sensors, engine computers and other failures, resulting in vehicles do not hit the fire will use professional equipment to read the data to find out the reasons. Motor failure, nozzle clogging, carbon deposition, gasoline grid blockage Pressure Sensor will cause the vehicle can not hit the fire. There is a valve leak, piston ring wear, etc., resulting in insufficient engine cylinder pressure, but also let the vehicle hit the fire.

   Usually every start interval to more than 3 seconds; each start time can not exceed 10 seconds; if the failure of three consecutive start need to pull out the key, rest for 1 minute and then continue to start. If you still can not start, you can fight the rescue call. Under normal circumstances, the car oil pump pressure relief, internal wear ABS Sensor and tear will lead to insufficient gasoline pressure, then hit the first fire will not beat, hit the second time the vehicle can start.

   The car can not be a smooth start must be a reason, found that start do not rush to start again, first of all to find a normal reason to start. Generally check the oil, coolant, battery and fuel, etc., generally poor start may be due to lack of oil, the temperature is too low, coke, battery power and other reasons caused by insufficient, you have to make a preliminary judgment based on the results, if The problem is small, you can continue to start.

Every time the car starts the car time is best not more than 5 seconds, the first time to launch the failure do not rush to start again and again. Because the start of the car, the continuous start of the engine will cause the battery due to excessive Throttle Position Sensor discharge damage and reduce the life of the starter, so start time interval of 15-30 seconds. Note that after the car do not twist, so as not to hurt the gear.