So the below mentioned steps explain the different ways of the checkin for the united airlines:-


You may check in for the united airlines in the following ways:-

  • Online check-in- this is also called as the web check-in.

  • Mobile check-in- where you can check-in with the help of your mobile.

  • Voice check-in-here you can check-in over the phone that does not even have the internet facility.

  • Auto check-in-here you check-in for the first segment of your flight.

  • Curbside check-in- this is just meant for the US carriers.


So when you book the tickets for any airline then at that time itself you can choose a method of check-in.If you are going for the online check-in then you get the chance to check-in starting 24 hours and ending at 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight, so that you can get a mobile boarding pass on to your mobile device.Or you can also get a printable boarding pass if you wish.


You can go for opting the above mentioned method in case you have an electronic ticket and if you have the first flight on the united airlines.So here you can access your reservation with the confirmation code or even with the help of the e-ticket number.


Now when it comes to the check-in then the baggage policy also plays an important role so here this airline provides the service by which you can even do the online check-in for the bags as well.But the condition with this thing is that you have to drop the bags at the airport baggage drop and that too before the check-in deadline for your flight.


If you feel that you find some trouble in the check-in process or you want some more information about it then you always have an option of calling on the united airlines reservations phone number to clear all the doubts.