At the beach today I found myself entranced by the stunning colors of the ocean. There were blues in hues that were so subtle and so sweet it captivated me. Returning to the farm with this experience still fresh and the sun slowly lowering in the west, I remained in the color-flabbergasted frame of mind. I gazed out over my land and gardens and was awestruck by the number of shades of green before me. Gazillions of greens. And, interspersed with orchids in brilliant colors, the last of the burst of the poinsettias, the magenta of the red tis, the splashes of the citrus in the trees.  The palette of my precious life was in full parade today and it blew me away.

Lee lives on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i, where she owns and operates North Country Farms, an organic family farm and eco-tourist destination complete with tropical guest cottages. She believes her three grown children are her best part, but she also enjoys yoga, travel, and reading. You can read more about Lee and North Country Farms at, at the North Country Farms blog, or on Facebook.