In the huge profits, strong demand in China luxury car market, the pattern of subtle changes are not easy to be predicted. No pattern is fixed, as no one thought, Mercedes-Benz missed so many opportunities in the market, even with a new product and market strategy in the same two years of the same, regardless of the Audi's self-repair, or BMW The prudent layout of any competition in the 'straw' will break the entire pattern Sensor of short-term stability. New energy and intelligent opened another new stadium will be in the second half of the rapid warming, and take the luxury car brand more energy. With the implementation of the new energy integration system and the popularity of intelligent driving technology, how to China in the world's largest car market to seize the initiative, winning the future, has become the largest car brand luxury mind.

  Although occupy the highest point of China's auto market profits, but for the luxury car brand, the second half of 2017 is doomed not easy. And most of the car prices will contribute to the second half of the annual sales of 60% different, luxury car brand sales in the second half is basically not much difference with the first half. In 2016, for example, only to achieve the anti-Mercedes-Benz in the second half of the 25.8 million sales accounted for a large proportion of the annual sales of 473,000, Audi and BMW basically presented 50:50 on the second half of the proportion of sales. Experience shows that the pattern of the first half of the luxury car market basically determines Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the situation throughout the year, relying on the possibility of reversing the second half is not large. The ups and downs of the first half of the story has been far more than the market imagination, in June showed the Department of the three strong sales curve close to the veneer competition trend, in particular, Audi in May and June sales of the rapid return and market strategy adjustment, let 'Wang is about to return,' the voice gradually rising, which indicates that the strong in the second half will have a fierce melee war.

   In June sales on the basis of steady rise, the Audi side in early July again action frequently. The performance of the new car will become another decision on the pattern of luxury car market variables. Mercedes-Benz strong new strategy will continue, a few days ago, Mercedes-Benz official release of a group of X-class pickup production models of the notice of the video caused concern, this Nissan Navarra with the same platform to build a new car is expected in the second half of this year officially Mercedes-Benz second-generation Mercedes-Benz S-class is also one of the second half of the heavy car; has launched in the first half Temperature Sensor of the nine new BMW BMW will be in the next six months, including the new X1, including five new cars, help Audi has launched the new A3 family, Q7e-tron, the new A6A-vant and a new generation of A5 on the basis of the second half will also launch four new cars (the new first strategy) in China's landing, to the sales champion again attack; , Including the Audi TTRS, the new Audi RS3, 1.4T Audi A4L, and the Audi A6L New Year car.

  Mercedes-Benz to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the joint venture in China, BMW celebrated the birth of a hundred years after the birth of Audi in the second half of this year will usher in a grand 'FAW Audi 30 anniversary of cooperation' series of brand marketing activities. In addition to highlighting the status of many years in China, but also intended to '30 standing' good luck and the new launch of the super IP platform, and users to carry out deeper emotional communication, passing 'back to the track, still the king' confidence The Germany on the three major luxury car brand, in addition to the internal fight, the other serious crisis may come from the Chinese consumers on the second-tier luxury car brand continues to improve the acceptance and preference. Facts have proved that low price sensitivity in the luxury car consumption, young, personalized, diversified consumer trends are being more clearly reflected. Luxury car pattern has been in the multi-brand advance and retreat in the change in the pattern. Ou Bao Ben three big luxury car brand, although still stable monopoly of China's luxury car market share of nearly 80%, but over ABS Sensor the past decade, the three luxury car brands have received their own lessons from the market and experience, significantly increased awareness of the crisis The Strong user base, more young new product launch and market resilience will be the test of the third quarter of the third half of the competitive landscape of the important variables.

  In addition to the continued competition in the traditional car market, in the current global automotive industry in the new technological revolution, the automotive business for the future planning, especially its new energy vehicles and intelligent strategy in China's landing, has become the decision to luxury car brand future The key to competitiveness. From 2017 onwards, to Austrian, Po, Ben led the luxury car business has been more mind on the new energy vehicles, intelligent driving and other new technology dominance on the competition. At the global level, the German Department of three luxury car R \u0026 D investment ratio are constantly increasing. Among them, the 2016 profit rose in the Mercedes-Benz plan in 2017 to 2018, the parent company Daimler will invest 16 billion euros for research and development projects. Audi is out of the total profit in 2016 7.5% of research and development, much higher than the BMW's 5.5% and Daimler's 4.96%. These R \u0026 D funds will be no accidentally used mainly for electric, automatic driving and digital intelligent interconnection.

  Joint venture brand how to achieve harsh points to become the focus of attention. Although the Department of the top three did not disclose the pressure, but in the field of new energy to accelerate the layout. Among them, the Daimler Group and Beiqi new energy to reach cooperation, announced the electric car brand EQ landing in China plan; BMW with imported and domestic two channels, introduced 10 balance of new energy models, and plans to 2025 new energy models accounted for the total Sales of 15% to 25% of the target. The long-awaited Audi Throttle Position Sensor has announced at the Barcelona Audi brand summit that Audi is currently focusing on energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, including innovative R \u0026 D synthetic fuels, plug-in hybrids and micro hybrid electric vehicles, as well as electric vehicle technology, By 2020, Audi will launch three unique design of high-performance electric vehicles. Overweight smart technology is not just Audi, the first half of 2017 launched the brand new car models, electronic security systems and human-computer interaction system has become an important promotional selling point.