In the trunk of the vehicle put a box of mineral water, to prepare for contingencies, is a lot of owners have a habit, especially in the summer, almost every owner will do so. But recently a online 'exposure to mineral water will cause cancer,' rumors get a lot of car owners excited. In order to verify the exposure of mineral water in the end will not precipitate harmful substances Sensor to buy 10 brands of bottled water, each brand to buy the same date of production of two bottles, and then divided into two groups, one group placed under the front windshield exposure, another The group is placed in the shade of the room for a week.

   The whole process, in order to understand the situation inside the car, the lab will be measured every 2 hours a car temperature. In this week's test, most of them are sunny, including 4 days measured the maximum temperature of about 70 ℃, 3 days at 50 ℃ or so. Basically in full compliance with the actual situation of the car. After a week, remove the two groups of mineral water, and commissioned by the China Inspection and Quarantine Research Institute of comprehensive testing center for controlled detection. The total amount of 18 plasticizers and colonies in the water was tested rigorously. The results showed that 18 kinds of carcinogenic plasticizers such as dioctyl phthalate (DEHP) were not detected in the bottled water samples, whether or not they were exposed to exposure. Want to understand the mineral water bottle can withstand more high temperature, the premise Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is necessary to understand the raw materials of mineral water bottles. At present, 90% of the market is the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as a bottle material.

   Bottled water bottle PET generally do not add plasticizer this material, which is determined by the PET production process. The stability of PET is determined by the degree of polymerization of the material, in general, when the temperature is less than 120 ℃, PET material is very safe. And the car is clearly not up to such a high temperature, so that the mineral water after the trunk will produce toxic substances is no scientific basis. Through the above experiment, we know that the interior of the mineral water after exposure is safe, and will not precipitate harmful substances. But I still recommend the owner as much as possible after the exposure of the mineral water after exposure, the other does not say, after the high temperature exposure to the mineral water taste is very poor.

   But the summer car no water certainly not, since the detection of high temperature is not enough to make mineral water deterioration, the trunk is still necessary to prepare point of water. But the summer trunk is easy to 'get angry', so the storage of water will be difficult to import. The best solution is to first estimate their own water requirements, pre-placed in the car storage grid (so that the storage was only valuable.Of course, since the trunk inside Temperature Sensor there is water, that when the parking to try to avoid exposure The

       Finally warm tips. Because the water in the Kaifeng, if not within a short period of time to drink, it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria, metamorphism, the adverse effects on the body, if not finished drinking off the best away.