High-end equipment and materials from scratch, manufacturing process and packaging integration from weak to strong, technological innovation synergies wings gradually ... ... National science and technology major projects since the implementation of the integrated circuit manufacturing innovation system to achieve the phased goal has been achieved, efforts to crack China in the field of high-end chip 'lack of core pain.' This is an unavoidable innovation contest, the contestants are not on a starting line. For a long time, China's IC industry has been subject Sensor to the West in the advanced manufacturing equipment, materials and process introduction and other restrictions, high-end chips rely mainly on imports. With the rapid development of China's national economy, especially the acceleration of the information process, the demand for integrated circuit products continued to grow rapidly.

Integrated circuit manufacturing technology represents the highest level of today's world's fine manufacturing, set the culmination of ultra-fine processing technology, so the integrated circuit industry is a national high-end manufacturing capacity of the comprehensive embodiment of the global high-tech national competition strategy will compete high ground. If the driving force for creating the industrial age is the steam engine, the driving force behind the electrical age is electricity, then the driving force behind the information fuel metering valve age is the integrated circuit. In the information age, integrated circuits are the cornerstone of computers, mobile phones, home appliances, automobiles, high-speed rail, power grids, medical instruments, robots, industrial control and other electronic products and systems are inseparable from the integrated circuit. Without the support of the integrated circuit industry, the information society has lost its 'foundation', and the integrated circuit has been hailed as the 'grain' of modern industry.

  'Nuclear high base' This sounds 'tall' on the term, in fact, and everyone's life is closely related. From the phone to the computer, from the refrigerator to the car, or even every U disk, are inseparable from the chip and software. This is the core of electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chips Temperature Sensor and basic software products referred to, it and manned space, lunar exploration and other 16 major science and technology special.

For 2020, China will continue to accelerate the implementation of the deployment of major national science and technology projects, focusing on high-end general-purpose chips, high-end CNC machine tools, integrated circuit equipment and other key core technologies, the formation of a number of strategic and strategic products to nurture new industries. Special to take the industrial chain, innovation chain, the effective coordination of the financial chain of new models, special and key regional industrial development planning collaborative layout, take the initiative to guide local and social industry investment follow-up support, will effectively promote Pressure Sensor the industrialization of special results, Stronger, the formation of industrial scale, improve the overall industrial strength.

At the same time, integrated circuit manufacturing equipment as a basic industry, the results of the radiation is very wide range of radiation. The use of special core technology, radiation applied to the LED, sensors, photovoltaic, LCD panels and other pan-semiconductor manufacturing, so that China's related areas of equipment localization rate increased significantly. In the field of LED, photovoltaic and other key equipment has been made sets of domestic, domestic equipment to become the mainstream market, LED lighting, photovoltaic and other industries ranked first in the world.

On the future development, Ye Tianchun introduction, special has 14 nanometer equipment, technology, packaging, materials and other aspects of the system deployment, is expected to 2018 will be fully into the industrialization. '13th Five-Year' period will also focus Throttle Position Sensor on supporting 7-5 nanometer technology and three-dimensional memory and other international advanced technology research and development to support Chinese enterprises in the global industrial chain has the core competitiveness, to achieve independent development of the industry, the formation of special advantages.