'Do not give the car to fill the oil, so much more oil' As the saying goes, eat should not eat too full, just seven points, and refueling is the same, too full is not good plus. When the oil is too full, the volume of gasoline will expand Sensor the expansion of the fuel tank, so the car in the design of the time, above the ventilation holes, if the fuel is full, will pass through the hole, to the outside oil spill, and gasoline volatile Particularly strong, in the event of an instant fire will instantly burn. Resulting in irreparable damage.

Once the vent hole is blocked, the tank will produce negative pressure, resulting in poor fuel supply, or even not for oil. The car has just finished filling the engine after the engine can not hit the fire situation, or high-speed driving a jump up and down the phenomenon, there may be due to the fuel tank is too full caused. Own gasoline plus too full is certainly to increase the overall weight of the car, increasing fuel consumption. In addition, if it is too full, easy to cause the pipeline into the gasoline liquid, not only harm the cans, but also along the pipeline into the airway, so that the spark plug work failure, and even cause the vehicle can not start the consequences. Gasoline is easy to carcinogenic Carbon cans Suction Control Valve are generally close to the outer circulation inlet, when the oil is too full, the carbon tank is saturated, the pressure is too large and the pressure vent, the gasoline containing the air into the compartment, the uncomfortable ' 'Has been around you. The composition of oil and gas has been confirmed to contain benzene and other carcinogenic substances, a long time, will inevitably cause harm to the car body.

The new car do not fill the first time to fill, or there may be oil floating and sensor failure, leading to oil table distortion, like a bearing 100 kg of new weighbridge about jump on a 100 kg fat in general. For safety reasons, add a gun Temperature Sensor to the gun gun can be, not recommended to fill the oil tank mouth. Do not need to let the refueling in the oil gun after the gun and then put the oil gun and then continue to refuel.