After a hundred years of baptism, the automotive industry is still in the fast and stable development. Over the years, few intruders can challenge the traditional car industry big brother, the success of a firm foothold. The automotive industry, which gathered Sensor the highly intelligent industry of mankind, should continue to 'closed' before the line. However, the arrival of the mobile Internet era, but inadvertently broke the tradition that has continued for centuries. Since 2016, the name of 'emerging car' ',' subversion industry 'slogan of the Internet car prices have sprung up.
  The so-called Internet car, the core is to have a car operating system, so that cars like the daily use of smart phones. The car through the touch screen to provide interaction, the internal is to the operating system for processing. To machine intelligence as the cornerstone, so that the car 'live up', so that driving has become simple and happy. The core value of the Internet car is the operating system, as well as fuel metering valve system-based hardware and software vertical integration. When Apple and other manufacturers have to stand will enter the smart car industry, we should be aware of the importance of the Internet car software system. Who can win this platform, in order to really win the intelligent hardware of the unification, in order to truly realize the Internet of all things.

  The current Internet car Roewe and MG system used YunOS Auto, and YunOS 6 is a similar new architecture, from the Internet car, you can see YunOS 6 will give the intelligent terminal a good experience. May wish to take a look at the use of YunOS Auto system Internet car experience.

    Past car navigation is often limited by the map, once the map error, the navigation results must be very satisfactory. YunOS Auto provides online real-time maps, through their own accumulation of information with large data with high information map data, together to form a map as the core of the complete ecological. With the car sensor, help in the vicinity of the intersection of the driver so that the driver to see exactly the wrong way. Internet car support for double-blind navigation. In the absence of GPS positioning and network signal environment, still can be traced out of the car position, to achieve high-precision positioning. YunOS Auto supports multi-platform information exchange, hoping Temperature Sensor to break the exchange of information between platforms, the car is more intelligent. For example, when you navigate, the navigation system will provide food maps and other functions. Users can directly query the restaurant in the navigation interface information and service reputation rating and so on. Thanks to YunOS Auto in the bottom of the improvement, in the Internet car, voice became the first interactive way. Today, the user can use voice for a variety of traffic services, love songs, listen to the story, in the premise of ensuring safety, really put the hands of the liberation. And, because the machine intelligence technology to join, the more you use, it will understand you more. From understanding the driving route, to understand the language habits, according to user needs to provide more personalized service, into a vitality of the 'live car.'

   The use of electric car owners often have to charge panic, do not know where there is charging pile, do not know whether the charging pile is available. In the pure version of Roewe ERX5, YunOS Auto released a 'charge map', can quickly provide accurate charging pile position and use of the state, to solve the past can not find the charging pile or find but can not use the problem, so worry-free charging. Based on the YunOS system, the new car has realized Throttle Position Sensor the new charging experience through the integration of pile driver and mobile phone, through the identification of pile car, reservation charging, intelligent navigation, precise positioning, plug and play, one-stop payment, charging evaluation and so on.