Herniated disc most often occurs in the lower back. It is also called as slipped or ruptured disk. According to a study, between 60-80 percent of people experience low back pain at some point of their lives, and most of them are caused by a herniated disk. In addition to the normal wear and tear with aging, there are different other factors which can increase the likelihood of a herniated disk. Herniated disk treatment Greenville can be a solution for severe pain. Below are some of the causes behind a herniated disk.

Gender- men between the age of 30 and 50 are likely to have herniated disk.

Inappropriate lifting of heavy objects- whenever one lifts heavy object, he or she should give pressure on his legs, but some people give pressure to the back muscles, causing herniated disk. Twisting while you lift can also exaggerate the pain.

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Weight- weighing more than the ideal weight can also add stress on the disk.

Repetitive activities that strain your spine- some jobs are physically demanding. If one constantly performs such task, which put strain on the spine, can create problem. Using safe lifting and movement techniques can easily protect the back.

Driving for longer period- one may not be aware, but frequent driving can also be a cause behind herniated disc. Staying seated for long periods and the vibration of the car engine can degrade your spine and disks. 

Saying no to exercise- it is important to be regular when exercising.  Regular exercise is important to prevent different kinds of medical conditions, even pain in the lower back.

Smoking- smoking can be hazardous and it can create different kind of problems. It may lower the oxygen supply to the disk and can cause rapid degeneration.

Living a healthy and safe lifestyle is important for better wellbeing of the spine. If you are facing pain in your spine, Pain management Greenville can be a best way out to eliminate the pain.