Custom Screen printing t shirts may sound convoluted, however, this simple at home screen print strategy is a snap. Screen printing is an awesome approach to print loads of shirts with a similar outline. Take after these well-ordered directions and you'll be printing like an ace right away. 


What you'll require 

Weaving band - Use one that is the correct size for your plan. They can be found at creating stores. 

Gauzy shade - Use a straightforward window ornament or a swatch of sheer texture. Utilize one that has little gaps for the best outcomes. 

Screen printing ink or dark texture paint - Both of these can be found at a specialty store. 

Latex paint - Look for mis-tinted paint in the markdown paint passageway. (This is to fill in the negative space on the screen. I played out a few investigations to establish that latex paint works best. 

Clear paper and watercolor paints 

A little wipe brush 

Stencil (See our library of several printable stencils) or plan of your decision. 


Watercolor paint and paintbrush 

Assemble your provisions and how about we begin. 



Pick a Design 

Home Screen Printing 

Pick and print your outline. Rain Blanken 

To start with, you'll have to pick what outline you need to screen print. Pick a plan that will be simple for you to follow over. Straightforward outlines take ink less demanding, as well. You can draw your own picture, or discover a picture you like on the web. 

Utilize a picture editorial manager on your PC to make the picture the right size. It should fit in your weaving circle. Print the picture out on a plain bit of paper. 

Next, set up your screen.


Set up Your Screen 

Step by step instructions to Screen Print 

Extend and trim the screen. Rain Blanken 

Extend your gauzy blind more than one weaving circle and secure by setting on the other weaving circle. Ensure your screen is pulled firmly. Alter as required until the point when it is tight, similar to the leader of a drum. Trim the additional material. 

Next, follow your outline

Follow the Design on your Hoop 

Step by step instructions to Screen Print 

Precisely follow the plan. Rain Blanken 

The tape you bit of paper to the table you're working at. Focus the weaving circle over the picture and start to follow. You have to follow daintily so that there isn't a ton of additional pencil lead on the screen. This progression can take a couple of minutes, contingent upon how itemized your picture is. On the off chance that you are following letters, make sure to make the lines pleasant and straight. 

Following the plan might be troublesome for a few people. If so, you can print your outline out on self-glue paper and it cut out. Self-glue paper can be found at the most division, office supply, and specialty stores. Fixate your cut-out on the screen and stick it down, ensuring the edges are well-stuck. 

When you are finished following, apply the Paint. 

Apply Latex Paint to you Screen 

step by step instructions to screen print 

Brush latex paint on your screen (This screen is done and out of the circle after the venture was finished). Rain Blanken 

(In this photograph, the screen has been expelled from the weaving circle after the venture was finished. Paint your screen with the weaving band on it.) 

Utilize the latex paint to cover all the space that you would prefer not to print. It is vital to ensure that you have secured the greater part of this negative space. Certainly, look through the screen at a light to endeavor to distinguish any spots you've missed. On the off chance that you followed your outline, utilize a little brush for tight spots. 

Give the paint a chance to dry, this could take an hour to five hours, contingent upon how much paint you have utilized. When it is dry, test your screen by laying it on a clear bit of paper and brushing over the whole screen with thin watercolor paint. The picture on your bit of paper is the thing that will show up on your dress. Fix any missteps by including more paint and testing again before you print.(People normally utilize Mod Podge for this progression, which is not a reasonable arrangement. Why utilize latex paint rather than Mod Podge?) 

Next, apply the ink. 

Screen Print Your T-Shirt 

Step by step instructions to Screen Print 

Add ink or paint to the shirt, applying the squeegee equitably finished the plan. Rain Blanken 

Lay out the shirt on a completely level surface. Slip a bit of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt where you will be printing. This will keep ink from drenching through to the back of your shirt. 

Place the screen where you need to print on the shirt. Utilize your wipe brush to blotch ink everywhere on your picture. When it is totally secured, gradually pull up the screen. You can likewise utilize texture paint for this progression. 

Give the ink a chance to dry overnight. It ought to be protected to put in the washer after it is dry. Presently you have a screen that you can use to print this outline on again and again. 

To improve your shirt fit, have a go at transforming it into a fitted tank top.


With this method you can print t shirts at home but if you want custom t shirt printing in bulk then I would love to recommend for best and quality services.