The upgrading of automotive technology, to the sensor products to bring a higher quality requirements, mainly in the lower cost, stronger features and higher reliability; more developed electronic electronics, the higher the degree of automation, the sensor The greater the dependency. Therefore, both at home and abroad will be the vehicle sensor technology as the focus Sensor of the development of high technology. The application of automotive sensors will not only be confined to the engine management system, but will increasingly be associated with environmental protection, safety and intelligence.

   Automotive sensor is to promote high-end automotive, electronic, automation, one of the key components of the world are very concerned about the vehicle sensor research and development. No sensor technology, there is no modern car point of view has been recognized by the industry in the world. Ordinary car sensor technology is not difficult, the current car also has more applications, such as temperature sensors, ABS wheel speed sensor. China's rapid development of the sensor market, thanks to the rapid development Suction Control Valve  of the automobile market. TRW Automotive has successfully developed integrated technologies for active safety, passive safety and environmental sensors in many cutting-edge areas.

Automotive sensors are the basis for supporting many auto parts giants. At present, many domestic enterprises in the material, design, technology and other aspects have been improved to produce a lot of basic sensors TRW adaptive cruise control (ACC) system will remote radar and short-range radar and visual sensors combine to provide drivers Road conditions and vehicle control status. TRW short-range radar system also provides pre-collision information, and support lane aided function. Visual sensors rely on the detection of road signs and the appearance of the target, to master the road environment changes in the state. The expansion of the sensor function gives the vehicle a higher level of safety. Radar sensors provide ground speed information that not only helps to improve the performance of existing safety systems such as ABS, active retractors Temperature Sensor and airbag controllers, but also benefits new safety functions such as direct tire pressure monitoring (TPM ), Lane support, brake assisted activation function.