When your little princesses start growing out of the ‘goo-goo’ stage to become infants, you would see that they are no more 'little'. They turn out to become incredibly smart, clever and often tend to mimic the speech and actions of adults. Little girls can be very interesting and adorable at this age. They begin to observe and develop all kinds of likes and dislikes. On top of that, they would even start having preferences and making choices, which is when the parents will start having a ball! The times when you could walk into a store and grab ‘something suitable’ for her in a mad rush will be gone, instead it will be a time when you will have to need 'approval' by your bossy little miss before you could go ahead and pick something. The real fun begins when they have got their own rooms. Little girls today cannot be satisfied with the normal, boring pink walls anymore, instead they’d want to transform the place into their own little fairy tale world. 




The colour of the walls can add effect and detail to the theme of your choice. You could opt for plain colours, or textured ones. You might also want to consider having wallpapers or wall stickers on one side of the bedroom that reflects and enhances the intended look.




Little tweaks on bedroom furniture may contribute greatly in achieving the proper fairy tale look. There is plenty of stylish furniture that comes in various colours to suit children’s’ bedrooms for little girls and boys. White is commonly used to enhance the fairy tale look in particular as it can blend well with all other primary colours.




Colourful sheets and kids quilt covers can be used to add a little more prominence in the bedroom. There are printed covers and sheets with Disney princesses and cartoons on them that are specially designed for kids. If you think you'd rather opt for plain or other designs, it wouldn’t still be a problem as there is a whole range of them as well to choose from. All you would need to do is check out all the collections of various types of quality linen that’s available for kids.




Making the curtains printed with animals or monsters would generally be considered a little odd. But, there are some who wouldn't really mind or even prefer having them that way, just to add some significance to the appearance. There are simpler and smaller prints that you could find, too, if you want to dim things down. You could hop in to one of the stores for suitable curtains or, in cases like this, have them tailor-made to suit your preference.




If you are looking for a much more detailed look, or at least your little madam is, you may consider getting a few decor items like wall clocks, holders, or ornaments that depict the intended theme. You may also have a corner for toys and stationary items, if that would help. 


When your kids demand for changes in their bedrooms, consider it an opportunity than a hassle. No matter how well you’d tried your finesse on home décor, setting up a kid’s bedroom demands a different level of imagination, creativity and ‘expertise’!