Eye ailments are very common today. Continuous exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the digital screens has caused a lot of people to develop vision problems. One of the most common vision problems is myopia. Let us look at the symptoms and causes of myopia. We shall also look at the possible cures of myopia. We shall also examine the role of the family optometrists in diagnosing and curing myopia.

What is myopia?

People know myopia by its commonly used name, shortsightedness. This is a condition where a person is not able to see the objects are far away. He is able to see objects that are close to him easily.

The process behind the development of myopia:

The function of the eyeball is such that the image of the object falls on the retina. Due to certain problems, heredity or otherwise, the eyeball gets elongated. As a result, the image of the object falls in front of the retina. Hence, you find it difficult to see objects that are far away.

The causes of Myopia:

One of the major causes of myopia is heredity. If you have myopia running in the family, there is every chance that you will contract the same as well. This explains the importance of the family eye care center. They maintain the health records of the entire family. Hence the family optometrist is the right person to approach when you experience difficulty in seeing objects that are far away.

Another cause of myopia is the demands one puts on the eye in this era of technology. The invention of television, computers, and smartphones is a great one. However, they can take a heavy toll of the vision of the individual as well. The stress caused by the devices can also cause myopia.

How do you control myopia?

The best way to control myopia is through wearing glasses or contact lenses. The best part of this ailment is that you can control the aggravation of the ailment if you use glasses regularly. The right type of eye exercises can also reduce the problem by bringing the eye back to its regular shape.

It is always a good idea to maintain good visual habits. One should be careful not to get too close to the object when seeing them. This applies to your television and computer screens as well. Taking regular breaks by focusing on objects other than your computer screen can reduce eye fatigue. This is a principal cause of myopia.

Outdoor activity is a great antidote for myopia. When you go outdoors, you are exposed to the bright sunlight. This will naturally improve your vision as compared to the CFL or the LED bulbs indoors.

The technology has improved to such an extent that you have reverse the effects of myopia by wearing the contact lenses and spectacles regularly. The use of the Ortho K technique can also cure myopia to a great extent.

In simple words, regular exercise, a good diet, and use of spectacles or contact lenses can cure myopia completely.