Recently, China's first intelligent trailer management system to market, which is the world's leading automotive industry core components manufacturers Weibo Ke and wisdom of the Internet technology company G7 for the first time cooperative research Sensor and development, in one fell swoop in one fell swoop to break the trailer management industry blank.

  In Europe and the United States logistics industry has been very common dumping transport, and domestic sales management model is still hanging in the original crude state. With the rapid innovation of Internet of Things technology iterations, tractor has been the beginning of the intelligent equipment, the essence of operational automation, directly carrying the value of the goods trailer market is also gradually concerned about the number of trailers gradually increased its capacity development, time management is also in urgent need Optimize the upgrade. Intelligent trailer management system combines WABCO advanced commercial vehicle control system technology and G7 leading industry in the Internet of things, artificial intelligence technology, algorithm research and development advantages, from the safety management, efficiency, asset management, full-size trailer integrated intelligent control The First of all, a large number of scattered trailers on the market were effectively centralized management, to achieve maximum capacity Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to release. At the same time, the intelligent trailer management system on the trailer body, drivers, goods throughout the real-time visual management, previously troubled trailer transport safety problems such as rollover, puncture, burning and other serious accidents become preventable. In addition, relying on intelligent positioning, remote lock, load precision management, etc. will comprehensively enhance the safety of trailer transport safety standards.

  G7 and Weibo Ke together to fill the gaps in the Chinese trailer intelligent management market, and truly completed from the front to the trailer completely intelligent deployment, the two sides will build China's trailer market transport safety, aging and intelligent Internet of the new standards. Weibo Ke continued the industry's first tradition, combined with G7 in the Chinese market Temperature Sensor to launch the first focus on the trailer smart fleet management solutions. We look forward to continuing to work together to develop more solutions to further improve the safety, efficiency and security of commercial fleets throughout the region.