The first car was Karl. Bentz made in 1885 is three rounds, in Karl. Bentz made the world's first car invention patent later, the first four-wheeled car was born. The German Gödelip Daimler installed his own engine on a four-wheeled carriage, which allowed the carriage to travel Sensor at a maximum speed of 18 kilometers per hour, which was ' asphyxia'. There are many first in the history of car development, the first front drive, the first V16 and so on.

  The original car is behind the drive, and usually we think Citroen Traction Avant is the world's first front drive, but this is not the case. Traverse Avant of Citroen was better and more popular, six years before Citroft Traant Avant, in 1928, Tarea, a French carmaker, introduced a precursor car. In the small displacement of turbocharged the prevalence of the moment, we have rarely seen to carry a large displacement Suction Control Valve  of self-priming engine of the new models, and even in the streets with large displacement sucking engine sound rarely heard. The first car in the history of the V16 self-propelled engine was the 1930 Cadillac V-16 90 series.

   Cadillac 90 series equipped with V16 engine displacement of more than 7 liters, the maximum horsepower 185hp, far more than the same level of the same level of other models, and even the then Rolls-Royce Phantom V12-Motor comparable. But the car's sales at the time is not how, equipped with V16 engine 90 series for Cadillac can be said to have been losing money earned shouting. The first car with a detachable ceiling was Peugeot 401 Eclipse, which was 1934. At the time of this design, although fresh, but also not accepted by most people. Logo 401 The presence of Eclipse at the time of the automotive industry is unique and can be said to be a wonderful flower. Later Ford in the 1957 Skyliner models have also applied this design, but also short-lived, until the last century 90's Mercedes-Benz SLK with a hard top convertible design turned out, this design was gradually popular.

  1939 years of the Oz Mobil Hydra-Matic is the first equipped with automatic transmission models, which will benefit from the first developed by the General Motors four-speed automatic transmission. Although in 1924 the British Vulcan car company also designed a 2-speed automatic transmission, but because this gearbox is not officially put into operation, so GM is still the first to develop an automatic transmission manufacturers, this transmission in the Olympic Zimpel Hydra-Matic models on the stage through the validation, then was used in the Cadillac, and equipped with automatic transmission Temperature Sensor models at the time sales are good. In 1930 Cadillac equipped with V16 engine era, the car is generally only three forward gear. In 1948, Lancia Ardea's three generations of models has become the first equipped with five-speed manual transmission models. This is a small home car with a front-mounted rear drive layout, using a V4 engine with a maximum power of 26 hp, which produced about 32,000 units in a long life cycle. 1954 Nash Ambassador series, in fact, car mounted air conditioning system as early as 1939 appeared, but the air conditioning system is very low efficiency, and very space. Until 1954, the United States Nash Ambassador car and an air conditioning manufacturer to develop a new patent, car air conditioning system is considered mature.
  That time the air suspension system already has the prototype of the air suspension system, the body height sensor and automatic balance function are equipped, but there are, although the actual effect is not optimistic, the sensor response speed did not make the System to achieve the desired results. And later the Mercedes-Benz S and Citroen DS models have improved this technology, yes, the first air suspension SUV is the 1992 Land Rover Range Rover.

  Now the ABS is electronic, and the earliest is the mechanical ABS, 1968 British sports car manufacturer Jensen in its four-wheel drive FF launched a mechanical Dunlop Maxaret system. The Dunlop Maxaret system is the prototype of ABS, is a pure mechanical structure, the braking frequency is very low, although with today's electronic ABS technology is slightly larger, but in the brake can still help the car to change direction. The first twin turbo model 1981 Maserati Biturbo. The use of passenger airbag models This technology was first used in fighters. Later, GM for the first time to draw this technology to their own sports car above, that is, 1988, Oz Mobil Cutlass Supreme. Later, HUD has become the Pontiac Grand Prix optional configuration. Later, the Japanese car prices also follow the trend, the early 90s, Nissan 240SX and Toyota Crown Mejesta have launched Pressure Switch a HUD as a high-level optional configuration, this time the HUD can only provide a simple speed meter. Later Chevrolet Corvette C5 was introduced when the world's first color car HUD. 1998 Maserati 3200GT is the first use of LED lights group. Do not ask, 'lamp factory' flagship second generation Audi A8 this time with the xenon headlamps, to 2003, Audi was at the Geneva Motor Show debut a use of LED headlamp concept car. In fact, who is the first one is not important, it is important who can like the Audi to play so beautiful.

   About autopilot, GM began testing in the last century. The development of technology has a breakthrough when the innovation but also a little bit of progress, constantly improving the place than the adaptive cruise, HUD and so on.