Tencent car held the 'Global Automotive AI' Conference, if the past, the evolution of the traditional mobile phone to the smart phone is a two-dimensional plane, intelligent revolution, then the evolution from the traditional car Sensor to the smart car is opened three-dimensional space The intelligent revolution. Pure vehicle type car with the arrival of the AI ​​era will gradually disappear, replaced by the era of intelligent cars is coming.

   With AI accelerating applications in the automotive sector, unmanned and highly intelligent intelligence is becoming a new trend. As a highly integrated application of artificial intelligence, we are now on the unmanned and autopilot cognitive trends are now started. At present, ADAS as the representative of the high-tech in the vehicle penetration rate Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor increased significantly, it is likely to usher in 2018 broke out. One is to automatic driving technology as the core; two is to build the future car ecology, will automatically drive as one of the important links.
But in the past the car is relatively closed circle is being new technology and new capital to break, more and more OEMs to invest in new technologies. Such as Daimler invests in the development of automatic driving technology, the emerging technology company Momenta, BMW involved in the investment in the unmanned start-up company Nauto, General Motors investment Lyft 500 million US dollars to develop automatic driving taxi, Ford 1 billion acquisition of Argo AI layout Unmanned field. The new technology and technology investment and trying to intervene ABS Sensor in the automotive industry, Intel to 15.3 billion acquisition of ADAS manufacturers Mobileye, Google invested Uber and the establishment of unmanned companies Waymo, Tencent, Baidu participated in the investment to the car.

   In the process of auto self-evolution of the car, Tencent car will be summed up in the process of three stages: the outbreak of technology, mixed overdue, intelligent transportation era. The five dimensions of national policies and regulations, infrastructure, high-precision maps, technical standards, and people's acceptance will affect the development process. Artificial intelligence has a different degree of impact on the car's all-value chain. In the short term, it mainly affects the marketing and vehicle owners' use. In the long run, artificial intelligence is remodeling the value of automobiles. As the car changes from traditional tools to intelligent mobile space, Business models and production methods will also change. In the shared model being constantly replicated by adding new concepts to the moment, sharing cars is considered a major trend in development. If the car has become Speed Sensor a smart mobile space, you will see the car as a server or a terminal? This seemingly distant problem is becoming the focus of vehicle manufacturers and technology companies, which is the future of the automotive business model possibilities.

   The future in the car is likely to automatically drive is also a very large market. Li Bin from the economic and user experience point of view that the shared car is completely inappropriate, when the unmanned technology to liberate his hands, each person to buy a car when the time to send a 'driver', and more secure, do not need to consider Other contingencies. 'But Uber's model may be problematic.' Even if the future car is private or into a shared service industry has not yet reached a consensus, but more and more technology companies are trying to explore. Uber is from the shared travel business into the field of unmanned car sharing, unmanned vehicles are regarded as an important pillar of Uber's future business. After fully automated driving approval by the regulatory authority, this will mean that you can summon your Tesla from almost anywhere. After getting on the train, on the way to your destination you can sleep, read or do anything else. You can also easily set a button on Tesla App to add your car to Tesla to share the team, so that the car in your work or leave for you to earn income, which greatly offset, and even May exceed the monthly loan or rental costs. This will greatly reduce the real cost of ownership.

   Sharing is the future business model considerations, but for smart cars, the vehicle manufacturing and AI technology combined with the new product in the end who led by it? There is no doubt that AI technology for the development of unmanned vehicles play a decisive role, but the vehicle manufacturers are also indispensable. The traditional car companies will be relatively more conservative, behind the real thinking of different thinking how to solve consumer trust, technology companies are in the realization of the corner overtaking can not be ignored Throttle Position Sensor a major problem. At present, in the autopilot phase, car manufacturers bear the most important responsibility, but more and more traditional car prices, parts suppliers, technology companies to open the alliance cooperation.

Such as BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye introduced Delphi, four partners using a unified mode of cooperation to expand its automatic driving solutions; Weida, Dalim, Volkswagen and other components of the automatic driving industry alliance; Bosch, Baidu, high German, Cooperation ... to gain the ability to ascend the data, and then come back to improve the autopilot experience, in this loop who has a large amount of data, who updates the frequency of the data, who may eventually win. The future of competition is not just the vehicle manufacturers and technology companies to compete, but the competition between several coalitions.