At present, almost all of the road driving cars are still in the L2 (part of the automatic driving) level, need to be controlled by the people. And recently Audi has announced the end of August will be released L3 production car, which is the world's first mass production, 'driver's license' of the car, the driving industry Sensor  is significant. From L1 (manual driving) to L2 (partial autopilot) to L3 (machine autopilot), the fixed driver's role will no longer exist, and the original service of LBS (based on location service) is also unmanned development A new battlefield.

  Driven by the entire industry, unmanned vehicles are no longer just institutions of higher learning and the Institute of things, has now begun to enterprises and ordinary people, then mass production is very meaningful. But in this, mass production involves the size, reliability and price and other factors, and, from the overall card L3, L3 is to distinguish between people-oriented and car-based driving way of the dividing line. L3 level is the vehicle has a driver's license, no longer have a driver's license as a basic requirement. The transition from L2 to L3 is the process of transferring people from man to machine. How to break the L2 ceiling into L3? Alone can not solve the unmanned automation, so artificial intelligence came. Driving is memory, driving is not by calculation, to emphasize memory awareness, interactive cognitive fuel metering valve and computational awareness. Smart car research and development difficulties, not only the nature of the car dynamics and a variety of sensor requirements, more importantly, to develop and the driver of the same online machine driving brain, simulation to achieve people in the loop of independent prediction and control , To deal with the uncertainty of driving the vehicle.

  The traditional car is only the driver's hand, foot and power extension, control the behavior of the vehicle is a man, the wire-controlled vehicle equipped with a sensor after the driver's brain instead of the driver's knowledge, and get driving fingerprints and driving skills, making the car The driver himself, or let the machine become himself, should be one of the most significant problems in the era of artificial intelligence. Different driving minds, cognitive levels can be different, skills and experience can also be different, but both have the basic Speed Sensor driving ability to know, get the driver's license of self-driving. There are personality, there are online learning ability, there are many driving accidents to prevent coping ability, especially important is that we also care about driving super brain.

   The future of the car will become the source of large data, mobile social sensors, driving the brain to learn and self-learning ability, skills and experience can be online to enhance the speed of driving brain intelligence more than natural people, especially the group intelligence to play the role of super- So that car manufacturers gradually become car operators. With the emergence of L3, L4-level vehicles, L5-level automatic driving car will sooner or later. When people do not mind the difference between L3, L4, and L5, the world is changed. From the specific application environment to find mass production L3 to start, man out of the fetters of driving, began to enjoy mobile office and mobile life, and gradually extended Throttle Position Sensor to a higher speed, more complex road scenes, more uncertain weather weather under the automatic driving The Artificial intelligence will change the whole world with the softness of 'moisten things'.