Apple has received a lot of patents related to autopilot cars, of course, regardless of the automatic driving car Ye Hao, or our own driving the car Ye Hao, safety is always the first one. Of course, in the foreseeable future, we can expect Apple or other car manufacturers, to create Sensor a complex collision avoidance, target detection and other functions of the intelligence system. To build this system in fact need to configure a lot of sensors can immediately feedback, these sensors can provide real-time alerts and almost instantaneous response to artificial intelligence decisions, this is to protect you and other road users of security.

They will not only connect to the network you choose to use, but also connect to every vehicle on the road, the road itself, and the law enforcement and traffic management system. Will certainly be able to do more in the field of autopilot cars, when the car becomes more intelligent later, they will know what you need, what kind of temperature you like, the most suitable seat on your journey, and what you need today How much energy to put into the activities. At least theoretically, these smart vehicles will be able Speed Sensor to calculate your favorite entertainment items, how to get and offer it, where you want to go, when you get there when you need to do anything. All of these advances are obvious, and all of these techniques are predictable. Everything you can buy with Mac, iPad or iPhone can be bought in such a car, and it can do more.

And the future of the car, we will see the engine has a sensor, the sensor on the seat, the steering wheel on the sensor to help you stop the sensor and so on and so on. At the same time, Siri and other artificial intelligence can be real-time analysis of all these sensors to collect information, and to ensure that your vehicle is still able to distinguish between street trash and baby carriages between Throttle Position Sensor the distinction, and in real time to make the right decision. It sounds good to hear the future of an autopilot, and it is no wonder that Apple and other technology companies have spent so much time developing these things.