Over the past century, the auto industry is not a big change. However, in recent years, with the rise of artificial intelligence, autopilot and robot, the industry's big change will be applied. Although the car industry Sensor has been using robots for a long time, but with the Tesla the rise of the industry rookie, robot applications in the manufacturing plant will gradually increase, which has become a new trend in the industry.

   The Tesla Super Factory employs 10,000 workers and enables a large number of robots and automation equipment for vehicle manufacturing, including the latest Model 3. The company also uses a large number of automatic guided vehicles, for equipment transport. The automotive industry will no longer maintain a larger proportion of the future staff, with the industry competition Suction Control Valve and increased competition, more and more car prices will choose the robot to complete the robot involved in the collaboration of intelligent factories. Artificial intelligence will also play an important role in the future automotive industry.

  It is expected that the future of artificial intelligence-based systems will be the standard system of vehicles, combined with voice recognition, gesture recognition, eye tracking, driver monitoring and virtual assistance technology combined, such systems will enhance driving safety and automation. In the future, the configuration of the equipment such as car camera, radar detection Temperature Sensor and driver evaluation device will be improved. Artificial intelligence will become the interface between the conventional vehicle and the above hardware device. For example, the vehicle camera is used to detect the feedback according to the obtained target, The

  Automatic driving technology is not yet mainstream technology, however, the major car prices and technology companies are investing in such technology, is expected to change the entire automotive industry in the future format. Many car prices plan in 2021 to achieve full automatic driving, but the industry is completely automatic driving the specific arrival time is also different opinions. With the popularity of automatic driving vehicles, people do not use the vehicle, the vehicle can be lent to others, or will use excellent service, after the vehicle will be returned to the owner. As the automatic driving vehicles available at any time, the user may only need a car for a car for its use. When autopilot vehicles Pressure Sensor are highly watched, people talk about their impact on society, often means that the vehicle's ownership model will change dramatically.