Sometimes you want to come back from work or school, relax and get away from worries. TV is already losing its popularity and is not considered a means of recreation. Online game developers come to help bored people and this way of entertainment have gained tremendous success in people of all ages.

Casual games online are designed for an extensive audience - from children to businessmen. The best free online games of this kind are a great way to pass off a free minute with a fun entertainment.

Best Games Online

Among a huge variety of modern online games, only a few can boast of beautiful graphics, an interesting story, simplicity, fascination and, of course, a great gaming audience. Only such games are considered to be truly successful, they have received many reviews and played by millions of users.

Such games enjoy great popularity and public sympathy. They are widely known by all the gamers and all those who search for 
great free casino experience here. An important factor that improves the game’s popularity is a unique gameplay, different from many others. Gamers like a light and concise, convenient and realistic online game interface. A good sound, scale and variety of options are the first criteria for choosing best online games. 

Let’s look at the most popular online games, both client and browser.

TERA Online


TERA Online is the legendary MMORPG, which has managed to combine the traditional gaming genre elements with bold innovative ideas. This game is considered one of the best in its genre, as evidenced by more than 10 international awards, including awards for best graphics, the best f2p mmo, as well as the award for the best combat system.

World of Tanks


World of Tanks is a popular free action mmo with World War II tanks, which hardly needs to be represented today. Dozens of high-profile awards, beautiful graphics, well-designed physics, as well as a huge variety of detailed tanks, make this game truly exciting and unique.

Lineage 2


Lineage 2 is a legendary fantasy online game in the genre of RPG, which does not need a presentation too. More than 10 years of development, modern and realistic graphics, large-scale battles and beautiful dueling, 37 unique classes and a huge game world, in which the development of the character is unlimited.



Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO combatant on wheels where you can create unique combat vehicles from hundreds of parts and various weapons. It can also boast of full freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations, advanced damage system, a huge selection of weapons, great graphics and, of course, driving in the style of Mad Max.



Neverwinter is a client fantastic MMORPG with a beautiful graphic design and soundtrack. Well-thought-out and interesting combat system and a huge open world of Neverwinter, will not let the fans of role-playing games get bored.



Warface is a dizzying multiplayer online shooter that received two awards in the nominations: "best game" and "best game graphics" after its release, and this is not surprising, since the development of the game was done by real professionals from Crytek, the creators of such masterpieces as Far Cry and Crysis.

Dota 2


Dota 2 is the second part of one of the most popular games in the genre of the mob, which quickly broke into the world of online games, giving rise to a lot of clones. Unlike the first Dota, you can not only participate in battles, but simply watch them as a spectator. Well, the main advantage of Dota is that it is an official cybersport discipline.



Panzar is a client command online-action with the possibility of improving the hero. Here you have to plunge into the battles in various arenas of a well thought out and beautifully drawn fantasy world, where swords, magic and armor are used instead of firearms.



Warframe is a free online client shooter with a good visual and sound design, where dynamic battles with swords and firearms, running on walls and shooting with two hands, as well as many interesting missions wait for you.

Black Desert


Black Desert is a popular new generation MMORPG with cutting-edge graphics, a huge seamless world, large-scale battles and sieges of castles, and a simple and convenient non-target combat system aimed at a hurricane shooter.


It is difficult to explain why this or that online game is popular. Even online game developers cannot do this. Online games are becoming popular thanks to users. This is their choice. In each of them you can play for free. Now millions of people have been playing these online games for several years. Such free online games are preferred by gamers around the world.