Today I am going to use my magical powers to create a tree trunk where only roots and branches were before!! OK here is my thought. In Boomeon's efforts to give us a premier social network they got a fast server and made a good looking place(the roots) then they gave us premade groups and professional bloggers writting articles (the branches) but what a healthy tree needs is a big strong trunk so the nutrition can get from the roots to the branches otherwise the tree cannot grow leaves (members).

Today I am proposing that ALL members come to just this one place and start to grow a community(trunk). Once we know and bond with old friends and new friends then we can branch out into our groups. I am not saying don't post in your home group if you like but do come here and promote that post. Bring family info to share, Bring issues you need solved here, Bring a happy quote of the day here or tell us a joke. People this can never be what we need until WE make it what we need. If you want a home site, a place to find companions, a place where they understand your difficulties at this time of life then we have the unique ability, right here right now, to make it ours.