Fall leaves fall because they are unable to bear. Deciduous for those spectators, is a beauty given the beauty, but for most of the owners, it may Sensor be a tragedy, because the corrosion of the leaves, the harm to the vehicle that is fatal.
  Leaves after leaving the branches, will slowly degenerate rot, and will release some of the liquid. If you fall on the ground, you can nourish the tree as a nutrient, and if you fall on the car, it may cause damage to the paint. Therefore, for the safety of the vehicle, the fall as much as possible not to stop under the tree, if there is no condition, then have to clean up the car on the leaves. Fall leaves are often hidden in the danger can not be known, the owners drove through the leaves when the pile, to pay special attention. This fall leaves, I am afraid Suction Control Valve will be mixed with broken glass, nails and the like sharp objects, which is very fatal to the tire, if the doping stones, and very dangerous. Driving through the leaves of the pile, it is possible to make tires out of the drums, wheel scratches, heavy tire puncture, and even lead to vehicle suspension and other chassis parts damaged. Driving process, do not blindly into the leaves of the pile, to avoid damage to the tire or vehicle, and thus cause security risks.

  If the leaves do not clean up in time, with the time, increasing the leaves may be blocked drainage holes, if not get timely cleaning and dredging, will cause the parts rust aging, thereby affecting the use of vehicles performance. Many people think that after entering the autumn, the weather gradually cooler, the car is unlikely to occur spontaneous combustion. In fact, because the fall will have a lot of leaves fall, if the vehicle parked in these dry leaves on the heap is likely to be ignited leaves. Because, after the car exhaust pipe temperature is very high, a little attention may ignite the leaves. Deciduous leaves are usually lost everywhere, if it happens to fall in the air outside the air inlet so it is possible to be sucked into  Throttle Position Sensor the air intake outside the air intake. If you do not get clean up for a long time, the leaves will rot and degeneration, which pollute the air conditioning filter and produce odor. So, when you open the warm air when the wind out from the outlet out of the wind smell, you need to first check the air conditioning filter on whether there are leaves and the like dirt.