Automated driving vehicles require a highly secure, reliable and fast response solution that relies on massive data-driven instantaneous decisions. In order to quickly analyze the data needed Sensor for future autopilot vehicles, higher bandwidth memory and storage solutions are indispensable.

   By 2020, storage needs in the Internet car may reach 1 trillion bytes, to drive automatic driving need to have 300 gigabytes per second (GB / s) or more storage system bandwidth. As a leader in automotive memory and storage markets, Micron Technology Limited's unique position will help accelerate the pace of industry innovation.

   Offering the fastest LPDDR4 for automakers: Micron is deploying automotive-grade low-power DDR (LPDDR) memory to many automotive industry customers. Micron has begun shipping LPDDR4x to major chip partners, which runs at 4266 Mbps (MT / s) per second, which is the highest speed allowed by the LPDDR4 specification. This technology allows the overall system bandwidth up to 100 GB / s, and lay the foundation for the design of next-generation autopilot vehicles. Micron will be committed to providing high-bandwidth GDDR6 storage solutions for the automotive market. Graphics memory (GDDR) is a high-performance memory, currently widely used in games, graphics and virtual reality applications. Micron plans Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to take advantage of its graphics memory to provide the highest bandwidth solution to meet the stringent quality requirements of the automotive industry and actively cooperate with leading automotive partners and customers to enable GDDR technology to meet Level 4 - fully automated Higher level of need.

  For memory systems that are fully supported by Authenta technology, Micron extends the value of hardware-based Authenta® security solutions by demonstrating the ability to secure such systems. The technology, starting from the safety guidance process, will provide a specific level of protection for the underside of the automotive electronics control software. Micron announced today that it plans to provide the Authenta ™ hardware and software development kit to all automotive and Internet customers at the end of the year at the end of the year to enable it to begin evaluating how to integrate Authenta-enabled flash memory into its security architecture , Enabling secure startup, cloud-based authentication, authentication, and deployment capabilities. In this way, customers do not need to add additional hardware components in the design, you can improve Temperature Sensor the defense of its solution depth.
  Automatic driving, artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly converging in the future of cars, will become the ultimate Internet of things and cutting-edge computing equipment. While the cloud connection in Hyundai Motor offers new service opportunities, it also brings security management challenges and vulnerabilities.