Making Lead Generation Easy with the Right Software


Lead generation is big business as companies try to increase their sales with the least amount of effort possible. Thankfully, the Internet has changed things, making it possible for customers to search for products online, read about the manufacturer and make the first move. Once they leave a message on the website or call the number listed there, they will rely on you to connect them to the right people.


Each message and call matters. The former is much easier to track, but calls are more complicated. Fortunately, you may now be able to do this through the leading software for affiliates to route lead generation calls. In fact, thanks to technology, this software can do everything you need to capture, manage, route, track, and bill for every lead.


In detail, here are the ways this software can help you in your lead generation business.


1. Measure Lead Quantity


Through the use of call tracking numbers, it is easy to monitor which campaigns are making money. Simply assign different numbers for every source to be able to measure exactly the quantity of calls.


2. Filter Out Non-leads


Not every call is a lead, but entertaining each of these bad calls is a waste of time and money for you. However, using the leading software for affiliates to route lead generation calls, you can use an interactive voice response (IVR) to ask questions and filter out the calls without paying for manpower.


3. Forward Calls To The Right Person


Once your IVR weeds out non-leads and ends up with a viable lead, the software will also be able to forward the calls directly to the client to be able to close the sale. Even with a number of different clients, it is possible to handle the many different calls and redirect leads to the right one. All of this is possible even without having to pick up the phone, through an IVR, but this can also be done through your call center.


4. Record Calls


The software will automatically record each and every call so that it can be reviewed by you or your client. This way, the quality can be checked or even be analyzed if needed.


5. Integrate Other Marketing Efforts


Besides waiting for leads to call or write, it is also possible to draw them through various campaigns like surveys, special offers, and the like. By providing an incentive like a prize or a coupon, you may be able to get their contact information to be forwarded to your clients as leads.


6. Allow For International Routing


Another possibility is to accept and route calls that come from outside the country without any fuss. The system and your call center will be able to handle them like a local call and even redirect the call for no extra fee on the caller.



In fact, it is impossible to manage your lead generation business nowadays without the use of up-to-date and feature-rich software that will automate as much of the process as possible. This allows you to focus your time and effort on the more important parts of the business, attracting potential leads.