Car networking applications originate in electronic sensing devices, automotive entertainment systems, vehicle management, traffic management and other forms of application. Today, it is the use of modern communication technology, combined with the relevant car operation and driving data, covering all with the car purchase, driving, ride, maintenance, social, trade-related business model Sensor of the general term, the ultimate goal is to improve the driving experience, Improve vehicle efficiency, reduce vehicle costs. Map is the foundation of the car network, the car system, intelligent hardware is to let the car connected to the network bridge, cloud service is all the functions of the protection, content and car manufacturers are the carrier of the landing, and the driver is the ultimate beneficiaries of the car network And feedback. The upgrading of communication technology will give the true meaning of the car network, the development of automotive after the market and the rise of new energy vehicles to promote the development of automotive networking industry.

   The body stability system is through the car a lot of sensors, to 'feel' the situation of vehicles, usually four wheel speed sensors were monitoring the speed of each wheel, a steering wheel angle sensor to detect the direction of the driver, while the use of body angle sensor monitoring Body deflection. In addition to the sensor also need a computer to monitor the status of the vehicle at any time, so the sensor to make the correct instructions. Electronic body stability system in any case can play a good role, but ESP is only Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor an auxiliary function, subject to the system response speed and tire limit, when the speed is too fast or out of control seriously, the body stability system will be powerless The But the current technology development is now more and more mature, even in the role of ice and snow on the road and the effect is very good. Because of this, now many countries and regions have the system as a mandatory standard car configuration.

 The future of the car network will be the development trend of voice input and vehicle terminal interaction is still the development trend of the vehicle terminal; navigation technology will be more intuitive and easy to use, the traditional static navigation Temperature Sensor will be gradually replaced by dynamic navigation, 3D navigation, real navigation and online The way will become the future direction of development.

  Car networking is part of the Internet of Things. Traditional semiconductor companies NXP, Infineon, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments have in this layout, Google, Baidu, drop, Uber and other new technology companies also try to play their own artificial intelligence, algorithms and other software systems The advantage into the market, the introduction of integrated software and hardware systems, the overall solution. The car for the life of the position is getting heavier and heavier, and the future of the car will be toward a more intelligent, more diversified direction. Whether it is Tesla's ambition, or Apple's Bureau of foreign construction can be sure that the output value of automotive electronics cycling will continue to improve. Although the core technologies and markets of automotive electronics Speed Sensor products in the world are mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, but with the automobile manufacturing industry to emerging countries and regions of the transfer, China, India, South America will become the automotive electronics emerging markets are fast development of.