Do not wait until the oil watch lights when refueling, petrol pump is needed through the fuel tank in the fuel tank, long-term low oil level may lead to gasoline pump overheating; the other oil is small, the gasoline pump is also easy Sensor to inhale the bottom of the tank impurities Road blockage. It is best in the oil between 10-30% when it is necessary to refuel.

       On the time, some petrol stations in the middle of the night will have a more favorable price, the maximum rate of discount can reach 0.5 yuan / liter. But this offer is not every petrol station has, need to inquire in advance clear. As for the day and night temperature problems caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of gasoline, because the oil depots are in the ground, the temperature difference is much smaller than the air temperature, so the volume change of this deviation can be ignored. If the long-term urban car, then you can not fill the tank, added to 7,8 into or less enough. Because the car weight of each increase of 20 kg, fuel consumption increased by 1%, which may usually not see the fuel consumption, but a year down to save a lot, or even save a box of oil. But the price of refueling is the increase in the number of refueling, if you go to Speed Sensor the petrol station need to bypass, or often need to line up at the gas station, will be worth the candle. After all, detour and queuing idling is also the need to spend fuel, not as good as the direct fill.

   Also on the highway gas station density is much lower than the urban area, the distance between the gas station can be more than 100 km, and there may be some closed petrol stations, in order to avoid the embarrassment of oil, so the highway Or fill the oil as well. Some people say that money with the words (plus 100 yuan the whole, 150 yuan), easy to be rounded, virtually lost part. But with l as a unit of measurement is only suitable for use fuel card or credit card. If you use cash, gas stations have no way to find points (0.01 yuan) to you, unless you Throttle Position Sensor every time with the whole ten liters as a unit, and do not mind holding a bunch of change, or honestly, The

  I believe many people have encountered such an embarrassment, when refueling only found that the fuel tank with the tanker is not on the same side. If it is a hatchback, as long as the non-stop too far, the problem is not great; but if it is a sedan, refueling tube around the rear will be relatively more trouble, but also to the other side to re-line. In order to avoid this trouble, the owner of the best note about ABS Sensor the location of the fuel tank. If you can not remember, the best way is to look at the instrument panel on the oil table instructions arrow, indicating the direction of the fuel tank.