The Chengdu auto show, the North steam Shen Bao released its 2.0 era of the first product - the new Shen Bao D50. One is the production car, one is the TCR car. The new gentry D50 in the performance of the excellent upgrade, I hope this can be Sensor  on the track to get feedback. Through the technical cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and in the management, systems, personnel and other aspects of the depth of learning, Shenbao 2.0 era of products will become Mercedes-Benz Nushev cooperation model.

   As a second-generation car for the mountains, the North steam on the new Shen Bao D50 full of expectations. The new Shenbao D50 will come from Beiqi Zhuzhou two factories, which is a 'smart, green, transparent' for the idea of ​​the wisdom of the factory, to fully guarantee the Beiqi Shen Bao Bao brand new generation of product quality. Especially with the HKUST fly in the voice of intelligent interaction cooperation, so that the Internet and the car highly integrated. Consumers in the past to buy a new car, you may need to read a lot of materials Temperature Sensor  and manuals, but the new gentry D50 will subvert the old model. The new gentry D50 will be the first car to use the electronic manual, through the voice of the interaction, will be able to identify the consumer want to understand the problem.

  Future 2.0 era of product planning, in addition to the fourth quarter of this year listed the new Shenbao D50, next year will launch mid-size sedan new Shenbao D70 and compact SUV new Shenbao X55. Mercedes-Benz technology based on large-scale SUV, MPV and other products based on Mercedes-Benz technology, will be in the Beiqi 2018 to 2020 product lineage. And because Speed Sensor of the film 'War Wolf 2' burst and burst the red Beijing (BJ) 40, next year will also launch the annual models.