It appears that this is it, the last Obama state of the union speech that will matter as to the administration's legislative legacy.  Clearly, going into the mid-term elections if the Congressional democrats want to accomplish anything, the speech has to have the marching orders.

Last time around the legislative agenda called for was gun control, immigration and climate, and we know how that turned out.

Many are expecting the unilateral approach this time by the president telling Congress what he is going to do, and do with his own authority and show leadership ir not something else.  Then there is the revised OWS mantra of inequality of income and opportunity that makes a progressive and popular point but lacks in any way to implement either if it is money from congress that is required, which it will.  The assumption of Obama beats the drum on the inequality issue, he is setting the theme for the democrat national election campaign of this fall.

One of the areas where the president has a great deal of influence and responsibility in the the foreign affairs of ongoing problems starting with Syria, Iran and Afghanistan, each problem serious and each problem with serious impediments in what we can and have to do.


In the end, once the speech has been made, parsed and disgusted probably it will soon be forgotten by happening of events including the lame duck status of having Hillary ascend as the next big thing in all the media attention.