Before the car communication system has been the basic car safety and traffic management and traffic management, but now the new sensor gradually began to spread, for the owners in exchange for a better connection and more secure driving experience. Car use wireless communication technology, the application began to support basic security, traffic efficiency and Internet access Sensor and other functions, vehicles in V2V mode and V2I mode to achieve a direct communication. At the same time, the connection has also become a natural complement to the automatic driving of vehicles integrating a large number of sensors.
     Due to the different levels of automation, automatic driving vehicles on the market are also different. Although some vehicles have automatic driving function, but the driver has to grip the steering wheel; but the other extreme automatic driving, there is no steering wheel. Between these two extremes, the driver can choose whether to intervene. A low-powered car will only remind the driver of the potential collision at a dangerous moment, and the car with a higher degree of autopilot will automatically brake and avoid. Even if the degree Suction Control Valve of automatic driving is high, the car can not exist from the communication system, because to achieve full automatic driving, if there is no high-precision map, it is difficult to achieve. This means that the car in real time from the map server to obtain the latest data.

    External sensors will be subject to their 'vision', if coupled with the communication, the vehicle's sensing range will be greatly improved, because all directions of the vehicle can give it to provide important information. A sensor on a car, if a bike is detected, passes its position and speed to other vehicles. If the transmission rate is high, it may be sent to deal with less of the original information, other vehicles need to be collected according to their own data to integrate data processing. In other words, high-speed and low-latency communication systems allow fast and easy processing of processed and untreated information. High-speed infotainment applications, joint communications and radar future will Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor be concentrated in the millimeter-wave frequency. In the millimeter-wave link state, vehicles and pedestrians may block the main communication path, while trees and buildings and other static entities will also have a blocking effect.

   Assuming that the base station is equipped with different sensors, such as radar and camera, you can use the sensor and machine learning to detect potential obstacles and related moving objects to help configure the communication link and enhance the performance of V2I communication. The machine learning algorithm utilizes past communication performance data to identify special radar feedback as an obstacle. The combination of sensors and machine learning algorithms also allows traffic centers to discover more information Temperature Sensor about the traffic environment, while they can continue to improve traffic signal and planning services. This way of relying on infrastructure, even in the majority of vehicles are not able to communicate when the stability of the work, while fully driving the car can also use it more efficiently through the crossroads.