Pineapple is a great source of bromelain and Vitamin C. Cabbage contains nutrients for the whole gastrointestinal tract and especially prevents ulcers in the stomach. Adding tasty apples and pineapples along with other ingredients overpowers the parsley

You may think these entirely different ingredients will not mix together, but ultimately they will go together and turn into a pleasant juice. 


  • Half of a medium size pineapple 
  • A bunch of green parsley 
  • Half of a cabbage 
  • 2 medium size apples 


  • Wash and clean all ingredients thoroughly. 
  • Put each ingredient one by one into the juicer. Juice them properly. The rind of the pineapple also includes many nutritious properties; you can juice the rind too. 
  • Stir the juice and drink immediately for a better taste. 


You can drink the juice any time of the day, but for a better digestive system drink it after completing your every meal. It’s not very much sweet, but delicious to drink. 

Aside from bromelain, this juice includes valuable mineral manganese, which helps to make stronger your bones.