China as the first major sales of new energy vehicles, our country had developed the program is 'starting from the fuel truck, the progressive realization of the ultimate goal Sensor of hydrogen-powered vehicles.' But so many people can not think of the new energy vehicles in a short period of time to develop too quickly, resulting in a lot of social contradictions. The same time as

Can not be seen from the development of sales of goods, but from the development to see sales, major brands mileage breakthrough, it is like a reassurance, many owners seem to see hope, you can buy it? The latter part of the security is derived from the depreciation rate of new energy vehicles, workmanship problems, followed by the problem led to the development of no later words. We need is a reasonable market development, the car and the foundation of the common construction, is still the phrase, the government needs Temperature Sensor to increase policy control, and car prices need to come up with a sincere attitude, rather than the car 'oversupply ', Infrastructure' in short supply '.

At present, most of China's power generation is by thermal power, that is, by burning coal, and burning coal emissions of harmful gases will still have a serious impact on the environment. Of course, for wind power, hydropower and nuclear power, in recent years also can not account for the main force. Although pure electric vehicles in the car emissions can reduce the pollution of the air, but the exhaust pollution into the power generation pollution, it can not play the original intention of environmental protection. If you really achieve full pure electric power, with the substantial increase ABS Sensor in vehicles, for the power load will be more serious, perhaps this is only a temporary policy, follow-up energy issues have yet to be more people to discuss and research.

   Many car prices after another release concept and the reasons for the plan. Single from the car point of view, the next few years to achieve pure electric concept, the possibility is not too big. Ordinary situation is fuel, electric hands, fuel trucks continue to control emissions standards, pure electric vehicles continue to research and development, this is the current car prices are doing what should be done. As the ultimate human power, hydrogen power is the most environmentally friendly power system, and pure electric Throttle Position Sensor is only an era of excessive development of goods. Car companies to pursue pure electric vehicle technology and the ultimate speed of passion, we pursue its economy and endurance, and the government is the pursuit of low emissions.