Search Engine Optimization has made lots of progress from being about on-page optimization, building backlinks and creating relevant content. It is advancing towards a more comprehensive system that goes past better approaches for link building or content marketing. The pillars of SEO in order to help improve the site’s rank on search engine results pages are:

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Today, Google has  recorded  150 million AMP documents in its rundown, and, supported by standard choice outside the distributing business (checking eBay and Bing), has as of late announced that clients looking for from phones will be coordinated to the relevant AMP pages paying little mind to the way that a corresponding application page exists. The ordinary Google client scarcely knows the significance of an AMP result yet.

Knowledge Graph and Rich Answers

The Knowledge Graph is a learning base used by Google to overtake its web crawler’s ordered records with related information which is collected from a wide range of sources. So the learning information parts are in the frame boxes of sorted out data connects to definitive wellsprings of extra information. Regular formats take in the knowledge panel shown on the right of a SERP and answer box, showed on top of other organic results.

Rank Brain Algorithm

Rankbrain is the most important ranking factors of Google Algorithm. It is one of the most misunderstood algorithms. This algorithm is difficult to understand and how it works and it takes these factors into considerations when the ranking of websites is concerned such as backlink quality, content quality and clicks through rate. It only helps the algorithm to explain the queries better and match them with relevant page content. 

Real Time Integrated Penalty Filters

Google declared that they have finally updated Penguin after what seemed like a perpetual hold up of ideal around two years.

That is by virtue of Penguin is as of now a continuous real time signal with inside Google’s search algorithm information on your pages is revived each time Google re-crawls and re-indexes them.