Its been said that life is not how it happens, but what you make of it. This is where your beliefs kick in, because they are the ones that will shape the happenings in your life, give it meaning and as a result it will create an emotion.

When you read those quotes about positivity making your life better, they don’t necessarily mean that by being optimistic good things will happen to you. The power of positivity does not rely on making your life better, but in helping you perceive it as better.

This might not be what you were hoping for. But it’s quite powerful. Therefore, faith and religious belief can become incredibly powerful in a person’s life. Because they help make sense of life, they can help turn a bad happening into a form of blessing.

If you know anyone who is religious, or if you are religious yourself, you can understand how you use your beliefs to find comfort during difficult times. This is what gives events a perception constructed by your own mind.

Let’s say: you are diagnosed by a deadly illness, you know will die. If you are optimistic, you will find a way of making the most out of such a situation. It won’t change it, but you are more likely to live your last days with happiness. On the other hand, if you are pessimistic, it won’t change the situation either, but you will live the last of your days in even a bigger misery.

On the other hand, if you are religious you will give a bigger significance to such a diagnosis, thinking that it was God’s will, and so you come to terms with the fact that you will day.


In every scenario, the fact that you have a deadly illness doesn’t change, what changes is your attitude and emotions about it. Of course, I’m used a very dramatic event to get the point across. However, you can use this example for your ordinary life. Understanding that the power lies in perception, not in the events itself. There’s no denying that life can get incredibly difficult, there’s no denying that pain is inevitable, for further suffering can be avoided by changing the perception about the event. 

The mind is a powerful tool, use it right it can improve your life, use it wrong it can affect your life.