Attending the funeral service or a memorial service of a close one or a loved one is never going to be easy unless you barely knew the person, and there is not a lot you can do as well. There is no proper thing to say to other people or proper or specific ways to behave but there are either some basic rules or a basic etiquette guide you will have to follow including what you have to wear to the service and what you do at times too. If it is your first time attending a funeral or going to a memorial service then you might want to follow this guide and understand how to conform to funeral etiquette. Here are some of the things that you need to know that will make your responsibilities much easier: 

Dress conservatively 

Make sure when you attend a funeral service or even a memorial service that you do not stick out like a sore thumb by wearing flashy, colourful and out of the place clothing. Colourful clothes and flashy clothes are a simply big no when it comes to funeral events because it is supposed to be conserved and such. You have to wear dark colours like grey, black or brown without wearing clothes that will distract people in every way. This is practised procedure unless your religion or culture calls for flashy colourful funeral clothes or attire. Make sure whatever you wear is very neat, clean and properly ironed as well.

The Punctuality

This is also very important to remember. A lot of people think attending the memorial service of a loved one on time is not important unlike attending a class or something similar but this is a false belief. It is simply not going to look nice on you if you turn up late to a loved one’s funeral. A lot of speeches and procedures are going to take place once a funeral starts off and there will be a lot of tears as well so if you do turn up late you will be disturbing the entire process and would end up upsetting people who are there. If you want to maintain your reputation and appear respectful, punctuality should be something on your mind.

Stay off your phone

A lot of people, especially of the younger generation have a large tendency to put or capture everything they are doing and post it all over social media. Please try to lay off your phone during a funeral or a memorial service because it would just portray as a very insensitive. In addition, it is the last chance that you will get to pay respect to the loved one that has passed and you might not get to see them again. Therefore, it is best that you pay attention to what is going on. Also, make sure that you let go of all the emotions because it will help your mental struggle to find peace with your internal struggle.