UAVs are now developing very hot, advanced UAV applications with a lot of intelligent sensor technology, UAV to sensor technology is currently applied Sensor to the accelerometer, inertial measurement unit, tilt sensor, atmospheric monitoring sensors, current sensors, Magnetic sensors, engine flow sensors, and so on these types of sensor technology.

   Accelerometer is used to determine the UAV's flight position and flight attitude, accelerometer is the key to maintaining unmanned aerial vehicle flight control, accelerometer can effectively perceive a variety of UAV operation posture. The new accelerometer, the type of accelerometer using thermal convection technology, this type of sensor with high sensitivity, the main application of UAV airborne camera, generally used for film production and so on. Inertial measurement unit combined with GPS is generally used for UAV is to maintain the direction fuel metering valve and flight path, with the rapid development of UAV, is currently subject to strict air traffic control, so the control direction and path becomes particularly important. Inertial measurement unit uses multi-axis magnetic sensor, this type of product is actually a small compass, mainly through the perception of the flight data will be sent to the UAV central processing unit, so as to ensure the flight direction and speed. UAV tilt sensors are mainly integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, mainly for the flight system to provide horizontal flight data, this type of sensor because of the combination of gyroscope, accelerometer, it can measure any slight changes in the movement of movement.

  The dump sensor is also used in unmanned vehicles. Atmospheric monitoring sensors, mainly used to monitor the air quality of UAV flight, because the degree of air pollution can determine whether the UAV in flight is safe. The atmosphere monitoring sensor can monitor a variety of types of gases such as ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and so on. Current sensors, unmanned aerial vehicle power consumption is very large, the current sensor can be used to monitor and optimize the power consumption, to ensure that the UAV internal battery charging and motor failure, to ensure normal flight. Magnetic sensor is mainly used in electronic compass, magnetic sensor is the basic component Throttle Position Sensor of electronic compass, magnetic sensor because of its anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) technology, compared to other types of sensors with significant power savings characteristics, while But also has a high precision, short response time and other characteristics, it is the basic components of the UAV.

  The engine intake air flow sensor can effectively monitor the small air flow rate of the UAV engine. The air flow sensor uses thermal technology to quantify the mass flow using the heated components and at least one temperature sensor. MEMS thermal gas mass flow sensors can be used in heavy-duty UAV products.