More and more sensors to apply to our lives, in the near future, we side of the electrical appliances, from the washing machine, electric lights to thermostats, cars, mobile phones and so will install the sensor connection material network, the future Sensor of each device at least one sensor In the use of environmental protection fire pressure sensor.

   The working principle of the pressure sensor is that the measured pressure directly acts on the diaphragm of the sensor so that the diaphragm produces a slight displacement proportional to the water pressure, changes the capacitance value of the sensor, and detects the change with the electronic circuit and converts Output a standard measurement signal correspondingv Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to the pressure. In Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, in order to further strengthen the use of municipal fire hydrant management, real-time monitoring of fire water pressure, instant feedback fire hydrant water pressure situation, the city's first town in the city pilot installation of intelligent fire hydrant remote monitoring system. The system uses a pressure sensor to achieve the outdoor fire hydrant water pressure monitoring.

  Fire hydrant as one of the city's important infrastructure, it is good or bad to a certain extent, determines the success or failure of fire fighting and rescue operations. Weaving fire brigade organized officers and men of the town of 555 municipal fire hydrant inspection and maintenance, found that 179 of them there are different levels of damage ring. The system has a built-in patented pressure sensor. This pressure sensor will be 24 hours a day real-time monitoring of outdoor fire hydrant water pressure conditions, timely through the radio frequency microwave signal Temperature Sensor  to the fire hydrant remote monitoring system console and mobile APP terminal, so that the center console and mobile phone on duty Can be clear at a glance. Once found a fire hydrant below the normal water pressure, the console will be in accordance with the default procedures in a timely manner and notify the relevant maintenance personnel to troubleshoot.

Pressure sensor in addition to the fire hydrant monitoring function, as well as through the detection of indoor and outdoor pressure to control the new fan of the fan work! Sida letter of the SW-B03 products to achieve the control of air flow, to achieve zero pollution, Outside the dirty air into the room. SW-B03 using high-quality sensors, precision amplification lines, strict production process, improve the Pressure Switch inspection and aging test equipment to ensure that the production of the sensor has excellent product quality!