In the unmanned economy in full swing today, the sensor as the Internet of things and human interaction of the main equipment, may be rising. The pattern of the sensor is refurbished, providing a solution for unmanned and multidisciplinary biometrics. The most popular field of things is the pan in the scene. This is also the advantage of AI sensors. AI is largely king of data. Compared to the data operation contains Sensor  a variety of data, algorithms, computing power and platform, solutions include biometrics, computer vision, NLP and so on, artificial intelligence hardware field includes the most simple, only two: chip and sensor. AI is completely at the beginning of the stage, we see a lot of business hot exception. But it may have overlooked another problem: these enterprises are concentrated in a few areas, and AI as a whole real development, the need for a lot of support conditions. Many of these industry factors are still in a very weak, even deserted stage: for example, the sensor and the sensor in addition to the machine outside the perception, the other is to collect data. Focusing on the value of sensing data, and the possibility of reusing these data may be a better added value.

  To automate, for example, the car itself requires the sensor as a technology and hardware interaction, to solve the human core problems. This logic is common on a wide range of devices that may be intelligent. On the one hand is the identification, judgment, inference and other technical solutions, one side is a wide variety of external data, sensors in which the space is very broad.

  The hardware here does not include a wide variety of robots and smart devices, just discussing the provision of intelligent 'necessities' for the device. Chip is equivalent to the brain, the sensor is equivalent to the senses, artificial intelligence and all things to establish contact with the necessary conditions. AI sensor of the future, largely in the integration of other areas of development, strategic high ground position Temperature Sensor will soon be highlighted. The most direct value, I am afraid from the field of automatic driving. In the field of sensors have been widely concerned, in addition to Google and other giants launched the laser sensor, it is necessary to be Bosch and other veteran auto parts manufacturers introduced for ADAS and other automatic driving solutions for sensor hardware.

  The core of the autopilot is to let the car walk around the human senses and the traffic environment. This relies heavily on radar, vision cameras and a wide variety of sensor devices. And contrary to the general situation of common sense, and now the driving industry is not the pursuit of the sensor sensor and computing power of the extreme. But is cost-effective, able to meet the vehicle production in the low-end sensors. Google's unmanned car program is very good, but the cost is too high. Now the industry generally agree that the future of automatic driving and unmanned solutions will be the sensor and vehicle hub computing system to solve the traffic problem - no one is too expensive, which can make high-level automatic driving successful commercialization. The sensor application market is the fast spread ABS Sensor of the Internet of things system. Biometrics, automatic production and smart home, all need new sensor assistance. And with the diversification of the Internet of Things system, the application of the sensor category will be more and more. This demand expansion, but also to the sensor hardware to develop opportunities.