Sensors as an essential device for automated intelligent devices, with the downstream demand growth, and industrial applications will usher in the development of new opportunities. The next five years, China's sensor market compound annual growth rate Sensor will reach about 30%, the market size is expected to continue to expand. The sensor is a kind of detecting device which can feel the information to be measured and transform the sensed information into electrical signal or the information of the required form to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display and record And control requirements.
    Sensors as a smart device with independent input device, plays a vital role. Intelligent equipment for the feeling of the external environment, there are visual, location, speed, feel, feel, touch and so on. The sensor is an intelligent hardware base for devices that feel the important hardware and equipment of the outside world. At present in many intelligent devices, the sensor determines the core competence of the device. From a global point of view, due to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, leading technology, the entire market Suction Control Valve  is relatively high degree of intelligence, so Europe and the United States in the entire sensor market demand accounted for a larger. Data show that in 2014, the United States, Japan, Germany, the sensor market share of 30%, 20%, 10%, accounting for about 60% of the total. However, the market share of the entire Asian countries is only about 16%, China's sensor market in the future there is a greater room for growth.

  China's sensor industry has been imitation, the introduction of gradually to independent design, innovation and development stage. Domestic sensors and chip manufacturers rapid development, the basic grasp of the low-end sensor research and development technology, and continue to expand into the high-end areas. At present, China's sensor applications are mainly distributed in the industrial, automotive electronics, communications electronics and consumer electronics products. Among them, industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for about 42% of the sensor, while the fastest growing automotive electronics and communications electronics applications market. In addition, innovative applications fuel metering valve in the areas of healthcare, environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipelines, smart grids and wearable equipment will also become new hotspots, and are expected to add new to the sensor market