In addition to the current energy-saving cars, but also need to be more secure, comfortable and humane, these properties rely Sensor on the application of excellent sensors. Because of this, people attach great importance to the sensor technology, and the pace of development of the market is also surprising.

With the gradual popularization of the car, people on the car safety performance, comfort performance has become increasingly high, many countries even to develop relevant standards to standardize the management. The goal is to develop more and more intelligent sensors, make car driving safer, fuel consumption and pollution emissions to further reduce the engine management play an increasingly important role. People's attention to the safety of cars is evident. In order to help customers enhance the competitiveness Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of automotive products, various sensor manufacturers in the technical development of special hard, in addition to continue to take the intelligent, integrated and miniaturization of the route, the sensor innovation application model is also emerging.

MEMS is a bright spot for sensor technology for automotive safety applications. The expert recently presents the concept of a 'black box' designed to monitor the speed of the car, the use of the seat belt, and the cause of the car's sharp turns, sudden braking, driving instability, abnormal deceleration and unsafe reversal Ultra-gravity driving, to provide guidance for the driver and early warning help. These systems are equipped with accelerated sensors and rotary sensors, using MEMS technology Temperature Sensor  to reduce device size and cost, and access to market recognition.In high-end cars, people often use intelligent image sensors to assist driving.

As the core technology of the car, the engine control system and the chassis control system to the sensor requirements have been high precision and high reliability. This kind of sensor technology has been very mature, its market is mainly in North America and Europe. In this application area, in order to further enhance the added value of the car, sensor manufacturers in the precision under ABS Sensor a lot of effort, such as the use of advanced sensors to enhance the efficiency of the use of batteries.