The development of new technologies will redefine the future of the sensor market, such as wireless sensors, fiber optic sensors, smart sensors and metal oxide sensors and other new sensors and the emergence of Sensor market share expansion. China's sensor industry is in the traditional stage of the development of new sensors to the key stage, it reflects the new sensor to miniaturization, multi-functional, digital, intelligent, systematic and network development of the general trend.

Some sensor markets such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, horizontal sensors have shown the characteristics of mature markets. Flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors are the largest market, accounting for 21%, 19% and 14% of the total sensor market. The main growth in the sensor market comes from emerging sensors such as wireless sensors, MEMS sensors, biosensors. On the world, the fastest growing sensor market is still the automotive market, accounting for the second is the Temperature Sensor process control market, optimistic about the communications market prospects.

Due to the development of automotive electronics and the diversification of electronic control devices, a large number of sensors, microprocessors and actuators form a complex information exchange and processing system, resulting in a significant increase in transmission lines, increased electromagnetic interference and reduced signal transmission The quality and system reliability. The development ABS Sensor and use of multi-channel transmission technology with anti-fault and data exchange accuracy can effectively solve the influence of transmission information and electromagnetic interference. The global sensor market is showing a fast-growing trend in changing innovation. With the widespread adoption and diversification of automotive electronic control systems, the type and number of sensors required will increase. In addition to requiring higher precision and stability of the sensor miniaturization, it will also facilitate the development and application of intelligent integrated sensors consisting of new materials and sensitive components. The main technology in the field of sensors will be extended and improved on the basis of the existing, countries will compete to accelerate the development and industrialization Throttle Position Sensor of new generation of sensors, competition will become increasingly fierce.