With the increase in China's car sales, the application of the sensor also will grow rapidly. Miniaturization, versatility, integrated and intelligent sensors will gradually replace the traditional sensor, become the mainstream of automotive sensors. The traditional automobile industry after decades Sensor  of development, has been very solid, especially the Internet, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in the automotive field penetration, the automotive industry has entered the era of embracing new science and technology. In the long run, environmental protection, comfort, safety and entertainment are already the development direction of the automobile industry. New energy, car networking and unmanned also came into being, to create a brand new car products is the trend, and these combined with new technologies and high-tech new generation of automotive products, the sensor standards, features also have higher requirements , The importance of the sensor is also more and more significant. The upgrading of the automotive industry is the main driver of the rise of the sensor field.

   Sensors as an important part of the development of the car to the intelligent, but also ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. Sensors in the car occupies an important position, with the accelerated upgrading of the automotive industry, the major car manufacturers to introduce new models faster and faster, the number of patents in the automotive industry is also rising, more Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and more new technology Applied to the automotive industry to go. Users in the automotive consumption for entertainment, safety, environmental protection gradually attention, car networking, automatic driving and new energy vehicles, the automotive industry to these three directions, will drive the sensor industry to a new stage of development.

   The use of autopilot technology in the car, and ultimately the sensor with environmental perception (such as cameras, laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, etc.) and sensors with body perception (such as pressure sensors, accelerometers Pressure Sensor also gyroscopes, etc.). The application of new energy in the car, the promotion of the automotive industry for gas, electronic control, pressure and temperature sensors rely on.

    China's sensor industry to develop, naturally to grasp the car sensor this important opportunity. In the policy and capital of the layout, China is expected to form a sensor industry chain, in various segments of the attack, in the world sensor market occupies a place. To build a smart transportation system, the construction Speed Sensor of social networking, car networking in this area will be the first outbreak, and the car network for a variety of perception, data collection function of the sensor also has a strong demand.