In order to drive the car more safely or easily. Government and consumer goals also include fewer traffic accidents, lower insurance surcharges and better car fuel economy. Government, regulators and consumers on the driving support system security requirements Sensor are getting higher and higher. The core of these high security requirements is the sensor, the electronics, and the software. The combination of mechanical systems and software and electronic devices has also benefited many automotive component suppliers, especially MEMS sensors, which can be used in a much more limited space.

  Over the past few years, MEMS sensors have gained a stable market in mandatory security systems, such as electronic stability control systems and tire pressure monitoring systems. At the 2015 conference, the Delphi ADAS system car was carried out Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor for up to 3400 miles The Atlantic coast crosses the driving experience of the Pacific coast. This journey lasted 9 days, through the United States 15 states, the use of 20 active safety sensors plus GPS, navigation, visual systems and driver status monitoring system. Future cars will include opportunities and challenges for MEMS and supply chains for a variety of MEMS devices.

   The use of MEMS technology allows the scanning LIDAR system to be dynamically changed depending on the application or driving conditions. It has a high level and vertical resolution, compared to the previous LIDAR system, it can also low-speed high-resolution or high-speed low-resolution capture environment data. ADAS in the rise of the display system for MEMS technology applications, can help the driver Temperature Sensor to reduce or eliminate distractions and improve safety. It can also be used to display important information and real-time alerts. It will be 'green, safe and fun'. In addition, the car will be powered by electricity, highly dependent on the sensor for automatic cruise, he added.

    The security and security needs of automotive applications will not be reduced, and the continued pursuit of these applications will continue to drive the growth of automotive MEMS sensors. When the components change with the new electrical architecture, the electrified car will rely on the sensor accordingly. The more advanced man-machine interface will ABS Sensor have support for virtual reality and noise reduction capabilities that will also benefit MEMS manufacturers.

   The automotive sensor market includes not only ADAS, but also electronic stability control, electronic control unit, heating and HVAC systems, safety and security, car navigation, camera stabilization system, car microphone, tire pressure monitoring, automotive engine management system , Fuel injection systems, seat monitoring systems, peripheral pressure sensors and oil pressure sensing. Car is a tens of thousands of parts and components of the 'complex', a wide range of sensors to look at the eyes dizzy, each sensor but a fault, the normal operation of the car will be greatly reduced!

  Automotive applications are often regarded as one of the most difficult areas because of its extreme operating temperature range and strong mechanical vibration. The operation of the electronic control system of the vehicle Throttle Position Sensor must be fast, correct and reliable. The traditional circuit monitoring and control system built by discrete electronic components can not meet the requirements of modern automobile. It needs to integrate, exchange data and simplify the circuit directly and improve the degree of intelligence To ensure the correctness, reliability and timeliness of the control unit action.