The forthcoming national six emission regulations, showing the Chinese auto market emissions standards increasingly stringent. Sanda Tower provides a comprehensive six-stage OBD sensing solution, including fuel tank steam pressure sensors, crankcase pressure sensors, exhaust back pressure sensors, differential Sensor pressure sensors, high temperature sensors and so on. The steam pressure sensor and the crankcase pressure sensor of the Vasata tower are used MEMS technology to monitor the system fuel vapor leak and the pressure of the crankcase ventilation system respectively, and meet the requirements of OBDII.

   As the world's largest supplier of automotive differential pressure sensors and automotive high temperature sensors, the company has a wealth of product development and application matching experience in boosting energy saving and emission reduction. Such as the high common-mode differential pressure sensor (HCM) and the exhaust ABS Sensor back pressure sensor (EBP) for the EGR Venturi flowmeter developed by the European and American heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturers, which have a market share of more than 90 %; In addition, Sen Sata also for a major European car manufacturers customized a high-precision differential pressure sensor, specifically used to meet the Euro 6 and the six gasoline engine particle trap, which is the industry's highest Suction Control Valve precision pressure sensor. In the high temperature sensor, Sen Sata has a complete product portfolio, covering from 200 degrees to 1200 degrees full range of exhaust temperature measurement needs. In the Volkswagen Group of the five countries six diesel post-processing system, according to different diesel engine engine exhaust system configuration and temperature environment, Sen Sata provides a variety of different technical solutions of high temperature sensor (closed DARTS, digital thermocouple DTC, open TS), is now used in most of the Volkswagen Group's diesel passenger cars.

   Sen Sata all the products have been through the practical application of mainstream manufacturers in Europe and America to verify, high durability. These enable Sentazeta to provide the best solution and support to customers in the Chinese market to help their customers avoid the risk of developing in a short period of time and to develop products that meet the requirements Temperature Sensor of the six countries as soon as possible. For the new sensors, such as the high common mode differential pressure sensor (HCM) and the exhaust back pressure sensor (EBP), in order to meet the requirements of the national six emission regulations, Sen Sata can learn from the experience of matching products in European and American markets, The actual needs of customers, to give domestic customers better support. So we have reason to believe that Sen Sata can provide Chinese customers with the perfect solution to meet the six national emission Speed Sensor regulations of the sensor solution to reduce its contribution to the air pollution.