The size of the car configuration is often the most intuitive to reflect the cost of the place, in recent years, more and more only in the luxury car can see the configuration Sensor is gradually decentralized to the mainstream home car, which seat ventilation and seat Chair heating is two very representative configuration.

  Summer high temperature and cold weather in winter severe situation, seat ventilation and seat heating both high-end and practical and also intimate configuration has become the object of the crowd chase, many mainstream home models have also as a selling point to attract consumption By. Seat heating is still relatively simple, the seat is full of resistance heating wire, and stitched in the seat cover, through the heating resistance wire power to heat, so that the seat in a short time gradually warming; and through In the heating Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor pad set the temperature sensor, you can monitor the seat temperature changes, so as to control the heating wire power and power, keep the seat heating temperature in the appropriate range. Seat heating works very well and electric blankets are very similar, because the heating wire itself is soft, and will not occupy too much space inside the seat, so no need to change the internal structure of the seat, the cost will naturally not too high.

   Seat ventilation compared to the internal structure of the seat heating will be more complex, need to seat cushion and backrest were added ventilation system, the use of air inhaled into the ventilation layer, and then through the surface of the seat hole , The airflow can penetrate through the ventilation layer, blowing to the seat surface. In order to set the position of the fan is bound to change the internal structure of the seat, and the fan noise and vibration, ventilation, cooling rate and other issues is also a factor to be considered, ventilation Pressure Sensor seats and jackets also need special structure to meet the ventilation Demand, complex structure and low cost should be now the seat ventilation penetration rate is lower than the seat heating the biggest reason.

  A lot of common seat ventilation function is only the air inside the car in the seat between the flow, if the car is relatively high temperature then the effect of seat ventilation is not very obvious, and take the initiative to the original car air conditioning seat ventilation is Seat ventilation principle and then the air conditioning hot and cold air through the catheter to the fan, the formation of air-conditioned seats, but this process is more complex, higher cost. In order to ensure that the engine control system has enough power, in the case of vehicle voltage drop seat heating device will automatically shut down; parking should be closed after the seat heating or ventilation, to avoid the next start caused by excessive power load, The engine and then open the seat heating switch to save battery energy to extend battery life. It is also worth noting that the installation of thick cushion may also lead to abnormal abnormal overheating, low temperature, resulting in failure, so the seat heating or ventilation function of the vehicle is not recommended to modify the cushion.
  For the seat ventilation we need to know is that the general fabric seats are no seat ventilation function; in general seat ventilation is through the internal fan operation to achieve ventilation function, the function only play the Speed Sensor role of air circulation, And no refrigeration institutions, so open the air conditioning with the effect was significant. Seat ventilation and seat heating two functions will not conflict, the two are independent of the run, you can open at the same time, seat heating and seat ventilation are generally equipped with gear adjustment function, used to control the level of temperature and The size of the wind; some convertible with the outlet of the neck, even if the winter open the hood after the neck will not cool breeze.
    The configuration of the seat is now more and more car manufacturers and consumers concerned about the focus, in addition to its own brand of these two configurations decentralized, as always, to play a cost advantage, many joint venture car prices have also begun to spread, such as the modern collar Moving to the rear seats are coupled with the heating function.