This is just a short post to stir up some memories.nix and elvis  

Do you remember ZPG?

Do you remember Silent Spring?

Do you remember Shake-a-Puddin'?

Do you remember the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill?

I was too young to attend Woodstock.  Elvis was not cool in my book.  My brother who was nine years older than me went to Vietnam, no one my age could have been drafted, nor could they have volunteered.  The war was ended the year I graduated from high school. 

I remember opening my toybox to get out something when the nightly news showed the Beatles deplaning in the US.   

My parents had one wall-mounted telephone with a dial.  It was connected to a party-line.  

I remember so much hope.  We were going to the stars.  We were going to end pollution.  We were going to control over-population.  Women were being liberated. Civil rights were going to be enforced.    

How did we get from there to here?  Does anyone remember that as the oldest Late Boomers were graduating from college and starting their adult careers that interest rates were close to 20%, that union busting was the primary sport of Presidents in those early adult years.  And we were demonized by being called, "selfish."  The Me Generation was more like, "the Trying to Make Ends MEet Generation." 

Were you born between 1956 and 1964?  What is your take on being a part of the Post WWII baby boom?