Under the statute, a veteran is defined as “person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released there from under conditions other than dishonorable.”  Veteran’s survivor or dependant is eligible for veteran affairs benefits provided by The Department of Veteran Affairs. The department relies upon veteran’s service records to ascertain if they are eligible for VA benefits.

History has witnessed the longest of war-times and after the war ends, a huge number of military people have to return to normal civilian life. The estimates claim that about 2.9 million military people have already transitioned to civilian life and the number will increase in the coming times. The first thing a veteran looks for after transitioning from military service to civilian life is a right job and career for themselves. Military and veteran community members are talented people, they know the importance of teamwork and their work ethics are incomparable. Employers throughout the nation highly respect the work they have done to protect the nation. They know a veteran can greatly benefit their company through their skills, knowledge and experience. 

During the year 2011 the unemployment rates in the US reached critical level, and it was then the US Chamber of Commerce launched the Hiring Our Heroes program. The veteran jobs mission of 2011 is a private sector initiative to address the issue unemployment amongst US military veterans. Under this initiative, 11 leading companies have committed to employ 100,000 by the year 2020. A huge number of websites connect with world class employers so as to provide veterans with jobs.  

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