New energy vehicles refer to the use of unconventional vehicle fuels as a power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuels, the use of new vehicle power plant), integrated vehicle power control and drive the advanced technology, the formation of advanced technical principles, with New technology, new structure of the car. New energy vehicles will be the development of sensor new energy play a very important role in promoting. Now many people to energy conversion efficiency as a bottleneck in the development of new energy, in fact, in many parts of the world, the new energy is 'surplus', and China is the most serious to wind power as an example. Power is not to say that it can be issued, but also through the layers of the grid transmission to the user, and ultimately complete the energy consumption process. One of the most important principles of the grid is to meet the power generation is equal to the amount of electricity, the grid itself does not store any electricity. And it is very unfortunate that the solar energy, wind energy as the representative of the new energy has two major technical characteristics: 1. With time, seasonal changes and change; 2. Energy dispersion or away from the load center.

  And today's power grid and not so high flexibility to a large number of changes in the transmission and scattered renewable energy, renewable energy, these two features are directly hinder the integration of new energy Temperature Sensor into the grid. This is why our national wind energy, solar installed capacity are ranked first in the world, but the power generation is not the world's first reason - our current power grid is not flexible enough. In order to increase the flexibility of the grid to absorb more renewable energy, the grid is changing in these directions:

Larger power grids: transport high-pressure long distances to remote areas of renewable energy to the load center, or to achieve multiple load centers between the energy consumption balance. On behalf of a 'large-scale, highly centralized, long-distance high-pressure transmission' for the development of China's renewable energy + UHV model, the European European SuperGrid.

More intelligent grid: the use of communication and monitoring technology, through the renewable energy power, adjustable load, energy storage reasonable control, fully tap the capacity Pressure Sensor of existing power grid to achieve a large number of renewable energy access to the grid after the reliable operation of the grid The

On behalf of the German intelligent (with) power grid.

Smaller grid: small to a community, and even a house of micro-grid system, can be produced for self-selling power, and from the public grid off-grid operation.

On behalf of the United States SDG \u0026 E smart grid in California, Hawaii photovoltaic + energy storage network operation.

The future grid structure will be the coexistence of these three forms of grid:

Micro-grid like cells, can be self-produced self-power, and at any time access to large power grid to provide or consume energy. Smart grid is like the brain, to achieve the overall 'source - network - charge - storage' dynamic balance.

Large power grid is like a skeleton, to achieve large-scale, long-distance power dispatch, to ensure a large number of renewable energy in the environment, the full use of renewable energy and power grid stability. But no matter how the development of the power grid, there is a principle that is still the same after all: power is equal to electricity consumption.

In order to introduce more renewable energy, although the power system can be achieved through the electronic power of greater flexibility, but to absorb more renewable energy, is bound ABS Sensor to introduce more energy storage equipment. And today's energy storage equipment is too expensive, an electric car or photovoltaic power generation projects, energy storage (battery) costs can account for the total cost of 30% -50%. There is no cheap energy storage, there is no flexible power grid.

But the expensive itself is a relative concept: if the price (Price) is higher than the value (Value), then we will think this is an expensive product. But if the value is higher than the price, we will find it an affordable product. Over the past 20 years, the battery in the energy density of the case of rising prices have been declining.

  The value of the battery on the one hand we feel that the energy storage and battery prices are too expensive, but on the other hand we have witnessed the production of the battery industry blowout.
The reason for the blowout of battery production is obvious - new energy vehicles have contributed to the blowout of power battery demand. New energy vehicles on the battery demand and the traditional Speed SensorThrottle Position Sensor electronic equipment is far from an order of magnitude, a Model S there are more than 7000 knots Panasonic 18650 battery, a laptop only about 8 knots.

  40GWh battery power equivalent to such a large city in Shanghai more than three months all the total power consumption, and this is only a large number of batteries, lithium batteries in the power battery part of this year's production capacity data.

People are willing to produce and buy a lot of batteries not because they want to buy more batteries, and because the battery is integrated in the car inside, this is a car, the car gave the battery a higher value (Value). People's demand for electric vehicles caused the battery industry production blowout.

Electric car is not just a small push the battery industry, the development, and even the battery industry there has been a temporary production capacity and vehicle matching does not match the production capacity of a structural surplus. But in any case, because of the rapid development of electric vehicles, the annual high-growth battery volume will be an unprecedented scale Pressure Switch into our surrounding environment. Unlike traditional consumer electronics batteries, the battery of electric vehicles is energy-saving, and these electric vehicles in the parking will become a potential energy storage equipment, the development of new energy and power grid will have an important impact, These electric vehicles, perhaps is the key to absorb a large number of renewable energy.

  The real value of electric cars, many people in the discussion of electric vehicles, but the electric car as an 'electric drive' to discuss the car. And the value of electric vehicles may not be 'electric drive', and just on the piece of the board. A battery in an electric car is no longer a simple battery, they become a higher value of the goods - electric cars, there will be a lot of people willing to buy electric cars is not because it is just a battery, but a car. Then we have other ways to further improve the value of electric vehicles, so that electric cars more affordable, so as to promote more people to buy or even promote the development of new energy - the value of energy storage
  The average US car parked on the road the total time of the proportion of up to 95%, which of course, the United States per capita car ownership and high proportion of passenger cars, but the vehicle is much longer than the running time is an indisputable fact. Parking electric car is equivalent to a storage battery, if the vehicle parked when the owner can make money, which obviously will further increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles.