If you are currently planning on renovating your kitchen space, you might be focusing on one major upgrade in particular and that’s probably changing up your old worktop surface. Since the most popular pick for kitchen workspaces is still the ever-wonderful Granite worktop, here are some things you might want to know before purchasing this material.

Granite worktops are exceptionally unique, which basically means no two designs are exactly the same even if they were sculpted out from the same block of granite stone. Like mentioned earlier, granite stones have been really popular and favoured by a lot of home owners for quite a long time; but the truth is, there are still some things that people commonly misunderstand about this natural material, particularly on how to handle them on a day-to-day basis.


Before you start setting your budget, planning out new designs for your kitchen counters, and actually buying new worktops, here are a few things you should bear in mind:

Despite the best-known fact that you can actually chop ingredients directly on top of your granite worktop, it’s NOT recommended for you to do so.

There’s a huge possibility that this can damage and cause chip on your kitchen knives. Bear in mind that Granite worktops are extremely resistant to scrapes and scratches, but some forceful chopping might be too much for the surface to handle.

When you’re done installing your brand new Granite surface, don’t be shy to ask about the appropriate sealing methods.


On most cases, the sealing process should already be done by the installer for you, however, you still ought to know about the proper techniques on how to properly do the job. When the time comes for your next sealing schedule, you already know how to do it on your own, or maybe with only some help of a skilled professional installer.

Yes, Granite surfaces are exceedingly resilient and strong. However, they are NOT entirely indestructible.

Odds are, in the event that you are to drop something heavy in your granite worktop, it could likely cause some scrapes on the surface. They are, after all, a natural stone material. Moreover, under no conditions should you stand right on top of the worktop as they are not malleable, and the human body weight may result to some cracks especially when exposed over a period of time.

Do not hesitate to seek the advise of a professional before purchasing a new set of Granite worktops.


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